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With the onset of titanium, it is often compared side by side with brass and copper. Although these last two materials have been used for many years already in manufacturing cookware, it has disadvantages. First and most important of all is its high ability to rust and corrode, and thereby contaminating the foods cooked. Although copper and brass cookware is lined with non-corrosive materials, it wears off after several washing.

Cookware is made of different materials. And these materials have varying characteristics that can either be useful or disadvantageous to cooking. Most of these cooking items are made of copper and brass. Some are made of titanium.

Some people mistakenly buy this line of cookware thinking it is solid titanium and, if it doesn't pan out in the fool-proof department, they can always sell it as scrap metal. Sorry, but the surface is titanium plated over a less valuable but highly versatile cooking metal. This allows for the virtues of even heat distribution and keeping the line lightweight and maneuverable whether in the oven or on the stove top.

titanium cookware

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