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How Can I Crack A IT Job Interview [< Oracle Interview Questions]

It’s always a little nerve-racking to face a scenario where you are judged on your performance for a job. If you are not able to break an interview it does not mean that you are not good, it is just that you lack certain methods to adhere to during the interview. If you play your cards well, you’ll return with the job in your pocket. IT industrial sectors are definitely the star of the current market. If you are planning to dive into an IT career, below are few tips that would help you gain that extra advantage and land your dream job.

Get an Interview Call

Your very first step to get an IT job is to get a call from IT company for interview. Sign-up yourself to any of the job portal and upload a pleasing job application with all fields complete. You are first evaluated by the companies HR on the basis of your resume. If you get a call from an HR it means that you are in the game and on the way to your get.

Prepare for the Big Day

Research: It starts even before you meet your potential employer. Research the business well before walking into an interview. Make sure you have complete understanding about the company and the role. Go through their internet site, read whatever you can find about the company, and if you know anyone who works there, discuss with them. This will give you a better insight into the company and their work. It will also show effort on your part. If you want to bag the job then the level of your knowledge will be the deciding factor. You must have the technical understanding of the applications and the roles and duties to be played for the post you are applying. So better know yourself, so that you can play up your talents at the interview table.

Etiquettes: There are certain things, which an interviewer will be expecting from you: self-confidence, good dressing sense and body language. Always be positive and maintain calmness. Greet the interviewer with a firm handshake, make eye contact, and speak obviously and concisely.

FAQs: Plan and rehearse your 'verbal resume'. You will almost always be asked the similar questions, “Tell me about yourself”. What were your roles and duties at previous employer? What are your advantages and weakness? Why should we hire you and not the others? Do not panic if your interviewers ask you something you have never heard of. Take your time and come up with an answer, which may or may not be correct. Remember that interviewers always look for reaction not accuracy.

Written: A written test typically covers soft skills (writing/communication skills), aptitude (problem solving skills), programming skills (C-language) and basic mathematics. Through this the companies just want to assure your educational expertise and mental capability.

Questionnaire: The interviewers are looking to hear questions from your side at the end of the day so grab this opportunity. Be frank, ask about the project and growth, about the interviewer’s background, his Professional relationship with the company or anything that comes into your mind but don’t get thrilled. It is the time you can leave a good impression on the interviewers mind.

Hey! You are now about to win the game, be self-confident and don’t let yourself down. Keep in mind this is not the end of life if you don’t get through it. It’s just an interview. Good Fortune! [< Testing Interview Questions]

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