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With the Xbox 360 getting more and more popular, more as well as more brand new exciting games will be coming from the marketplace. Gamers will be able to play more exciting and more visually great games on their game console. But a couple gamers might still miss playing some of their favorite games in the previous that run on older Xbox models. In order to enable gamers to play their past favorites on their brand new xbox720 , developers of the game console has created backward compatibility as part of the newer model's different exciting features. Xbox 360 Backward compatibility is achieved through software emulation of the original Xbox game console. Emulated games make it possible for older Xbox games to be played in the brand new Xbox 360 game console. Doing and so would definitely enable the gamer with a very few benefits on the side. For you, the Xbox 360 is able to provide graphical enhancements because the old games are rendered in 720p, 1080i, or 1080p video resolution with anti-aliasing enabled rather than the older Xbox standard of 480p. Graphics become clearer as well as crispers as well as can even enhance the way the game is being played with a more powerful processor in store. Some older Xbox games might also benefit from a great improvement in the rendered draw distance that is due to the newer system's greater memory bandwidth. But not just about all older games can display these enhancements. There tend to be some older game versions that do definitely not work that well in an emulated environment. Such games usually display a lower frame rate on the Xbox 360 than on the originals Xbox. Before you can play emulated games on the Xbox 360, a hard drive and an emulation profile might be needed in order to play original Xbox games. There are updated emulation profiles that can be obtained through Xbox Live. Emulation profiles can additionally be obtained by burning the profiles downloaded from Xbox.com into a CD. One can additionally do it by ordering an update emulation profile disc from Microsoft. There is a full list of Xbox 360 backward-compatible games maintained at Xbox.com including over 298 exciting game titles that is regarding 30 % of the total Xbox game library. Microsoft intend to launch more emulation profiles to the gaming public as they become available, with grand plans to make the entire Xbox library playable on the Xbox 360 game console. With the backwards compatibility of the Xbox 360 allows it to be easily embraced by more as well as more gamers. Definitely not just will they be looking forward to the latest games to be released especially for the Xbox 360, gamers have the option to go back to some games that they have loved to play in the past. Definitely not only that, a couple accessories that come with the Xbox 360 will even be able to enhance the gaming experience. Gamers can take advantage of the Xbox 360's wireless capability and feature in order to make gaming more exciting and convenient. Xbox 360 can use wireless controllers and headsets that each gamer can use to make game play even more enhancing. Aside from the clearer and crisper video and excellent sounding sound that the Xbox 360 is able to dish out, the gamer would definitely feel that he may be playing a different game when in fact it is a previous favorite that is simply given the Xbox 360 treatment with the Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility.

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