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Jetpack Joyride is a itune game from Halfbrick's. Jetpack Joyride is a one-touch platforming masterwork. It gives you the same concept much with its precursor Monster Dash �C you control a sturdy character Barry Steakfries in a machine-gun jetpack, boosting up and down with taps of the screen, dodging zappers and rocket to get as far as you can as the screen scrolls from left to right. But that's not the half of it.

The jetpack manages like a dream: tense and sensitive when taking up hastily loosening during the nice and capable of remarkable last second dodges. And risks, of course Jetpack Joyride is full of collectible items, tokens and the occasional vehicle power-ups - it is great to grow the game, randomly reward you with one of the five toys that mix the challenge. Barry Steakfries is directly from Terminator 2 a Bike Chase, with leather jacket and a shotgun reloaded with a twist of 360 degrees, and turns the course into a velocity jump challenge; Bird Net is maintained up by single taps to beat, swallows coins at a tremendous rate, and has to dodge electrodes in graceful arcs or you can use Jetpack Joyride Cheats to get unlimited coins. The Gravity Suit Guy pays tribute to direct Gravity Guy, a platform game well iOS in its own right, if it is the severity of switching ten times more fluid.

Jetpack Joyride is an excellent example of the one-touch platformer, this verve and imagination more than offset by a persistent structure that extends even to degrees of prestige COD-style. It's uncommon to find a game of this sort deal with losing, which is obviously the majority experience, with such care �C the packaging of Barry's mad dash turns it into an endlessly rewarding marathon, rather than a series of disconnected sprints.

Their hit Apple iOS title Jetpack Joyride, which has surpassed 16 million downloads, will receive a massive content update next month that gives lead character Barry a host of gadgets to add to his arsenal.

The game follows Barry Steakfries as he breaks into a research facility with experimental jetpacks.

The gadgets add modifiers to Barry's abilities, such as Air Barrys that give a quick boost after liftoff and Instaball that turns Barry into a bouncing ball when he gets hit.

"They should be a great way for people to customize their own game and play how they want to play," says Halfbrick Chief Marketing Officer Phil Larsen.

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