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homeopathy and hairloss Being male or female, young or old, can’t save you from hair loss; it’s not gender or age specific. Yes, your age doesn’t matter either. This problem of hair loss can therefore happen to any person.

Creams are the usual treatment and they can be purchased from pharmacies; Rogaine is one of such. It will result in itching of the parts where hair growth will occur. But failure to use it will mean the hair loss will continue and this will mean you spending a lot of money.

For a cheap price, you can get Propecia, which are pills that have helped many of the hair loss patients who used them. It is also necessary to keep taking it for the rest of your life if you don’t want a relapse.

It is possible that all you need to stop your hair loss is to keep away from stress and excess fat. Among all the methods mentioned, these records good results and I advise you to take a holiday and watch for any changes. Your hair loss can occur at a slower rate if you imbibe the habit of eating a balanced diet containing vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

You probably believe in pharmacological products but are you aware that most of them won’t treat your hair loss to your satisfaction? You can fight against hair loss with any of the natural treatments, which are also in the market. The inartificial treatments are made up of unique ingredients that act against the hair loss condition.

Certain surgical procedures can be used to help those who are bald especially in certain areas. Your bald areas can receive hair follicles from parts of the skull that are immune to DHT. There’s another surgical procedure that implants artificial hair into the scalp. resources: homeopathy thuja

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