It Aint What You Do, It’s The Way In Which You Do It!

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Now basically, all of us have a concept of how to drop weight, don’t we?

Why do we find it so hard? Every single diet on the industry, no matter how great it is won't work without one very important ingredient, Perseverance!

Unfortunately that is not something we could purchase from the store, that I'm afraid to say, is one thing that we must give ourselves, and without one, every single diet that you attempt will certainly fail.

There are several good diet programs around and one diet that fits one individual won't purely match another. So you may find that you and your best friend are going to start a diet together, your friend may be going great guns and shedding pound after pound, however you, aren't. It’s frustrating; yet it’s a truth of life that we are all created diversely.

For me personally I don’t advise diets as such. When you restrict your calories, the body will believe that there's a food shortage, and it will go into starvation mode. Once in hunger mode, it will decelerate your metabolic rate to conserve calorie consumption.

You see your body happen to be programmed from way back that whenever there is no abundance of food, we had to hunt our food so our meals were not consistent. The metabolic process adjusts the usage of our calories making sure that in periods of food scarcity; we would not waste away and go without food.

Now in this point in time, there is always food to hand; but our bodies are not aware of this. When you skip a meal your body goes on starvation alert and slow that metabolic process all the way down, meaning next time you eat, the body is going to hang right on to those calories and store as much of them as it could as fat.

So, what’s the solution? There's been tons of investigation and in my opinion the way forward is this: To maintain your metabolism ticking over at a regular pace, you need to eat regular meals, typical small meals each and every 2.5 - 3 hours, try to include protein in these meals (meat, preferably lean meat i.e. chicken, turkey, tuna) as protein doesn’t shoot your blood sugar levels right up and plummet it down again as sweet foods would. Maintain your daily calories to a guideline level, (take a look at your most suitable consumption online somewhere).

The second part is something that you aren't primarily going to like, but, it’s the only method forward, you ought to Workout!!

You need cardiovascular exercise 3-4 times per week for approx forty mins at a time, and also important, you should do weight training, as the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn off. Ladies don’t panic, that does not mean that you have to look like Arnie, yet you need muscle tone, and the more you have, the more fats you'll burn, even when you fall asleep!

All The Best !

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