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Microsoft pushed it's Xbox 360 product line out the door faster than it should have in order to get a jump on the competition. The Xbox has a failure rate of over 30 percent because of this haste. Because of poor design and manufacture this device has many 'bugs'.

It's cooling system has no extra capacity to speak of because of it's marginal design. Heat interacts with it's design flaws which brings about the red ring of death when the Xbox gets too hot. To prolong it's life, not allowing your Xbox to overheat is imperative.

This article will discuss simple and convenient ways how to copy xbox 360 games :

In order for the cooling system to function properly, the cooling vents must be kept clear of obstructions. There are several ways in which you may be unintentionally blocking the ventilation openings of your Xbox. These include placing your Xbox on surfaces that block local cooling currents such as beds, pillows, sofas and soft rugs.

Make sure that The Xbox is placed in an environment that is well ventilated. Don't put the Xbox in enclosures like cabinets, bookcases or racks. Often, people will do contradictory things like placing the Xbox in a cabinet while making an effort to keep the ventilation openings obstruction free. This type of oversight is very common since many people tend to arrange things in a way that saves space.

Another tip is that you can expose more of it's surface area to the surrounding air by standing the Xbox on it's side. You might also try cooling your console with a small external fan.

External sources of heat such as heaters, radiators, stoves, heat vents, furnaces, and amplifiers can heat up your Xbox if they are nearby. Also, try not to expose your Xbox to direct sunlight.

Besides keeping the Xbox cool, it is important that the power brick or power adapter is getting plenty of ventilation. Most of us, myself included, wouldn't think twice about keeping the power brick down on the floor. However, very soft and shaggy carpets should be avoided as they will obstruct the free flow of air. By moving it up off the floor onto a hard level surface, the power adapter can be kept cool.

These suggestions are preventative measures to take when your Xbox is brand new. However if your Xbox has shut down for the first time by overheating, then these steps ought to be your first corrective actions to take. Hopefully, your Xbox had shut down in time to avoid serious damage.

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