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Select Phone Data Provides Sales Leads And Training To Boost Sales

Company brings latest Phone and Email Marketing Data on Internet

FLORIDA, USA – March 29, 2012 –Hot Fresh Sales Leads are very important for a business to flourish and make large profits. Emails and phone lists are quite useful for the initial contact and especially in Business to Business selling. Select Phone Data has very crucial contacts to target the right firms and individuals to make business. The Company Select Phone Data http://www.selectphonedata.com/ is one great company that is providing lowest priced email and phone lists to boost your bottom line. Select Phone Data provides consumer leads, business leads and business opportunity leads.

Select Phone Data’s website is professionally designed with all links, information, logos, Prices and other details well placed. Links to pages like Home, Catalog, My account, View Cart and Our Policies are provided at the top of the site on the left hand side. Likewise, links to About Us, Contact Us, promotions and Site Map are provided on the left hand side top. Below these links, one can find details about the select phone data packages offered by the firm. There are select phone data packages from as low as $9.99 to as much as $14,899.00 These packages include various details like email ids, contact details, addresses, Location type, ownership details, etc. of various firms as well as individuals. On the left hand side of these package details, one can find links to sales leads of various categories. Overall, the website is quite useful for many businesses to get the best sales leads that are genuine and useful. 

“Unlike other companies glorified yellow page databases, one can get the most reliable phone and email lists from our massive inventory of well over 700 databases the largest selection in the industry. There are several sales leads packages such as 2012 Fresh Business Opportunity consumer opt-in email leads, Brand New USA Daily Email Feed Fresh Consumer opt-in Email leads, 4.8 million China B2B business sales lead records with email ids, etc. We intend to provide the most genuine and fresh data at the best prices in the world that is quite useful to boost sales of several business firms”, says one of the marketing managers of the firms. “One can also shop the phone and email data by category on our website”, he added.

The Select Phone Data website provides the best sales leads and email lists that are not available and the fly by night leads companies that only spend money on advertising and sell outdated useless lists.

Many sales leads companies claim to sell new “updated lists’ but look closely and you will see   exactly the same offering with just the date changed year after year. Unless they are reselling mine which is often done but these lists are pirated and unauthorized. 
When they claim they are selling “updated’ lists that is when you need to make a run for it but wait ask them if you can only buy their “updates” and what happened to the lists they sold in the past? Then you will really see them start to dance and cry Boo Hoo.

If you decide these old lists will fit your needs come and see me I have a old outdated sales lead department and I sell all of the junk lead databases that are sold on the web as new for pennies on the dollar. I have old Phone and Email lists dating back to 1993 when I started in the sales leads business and my collection of over 200 city phone directories dating back to 1875. My NON USA Worldwide Sales Leads databases are the largest selection on the planet and again I am the leader in the industry for selection, quality and price Sales Leads, Email Contact data, Phone and Fax lists are what I do and I provide the best data at the lowest prices anywhere. I love this business and I work hard every day improving my services.

For more details about the firm and to purchase leads, log on to: www.selectphonedata.com Or call Steve Peterson 904 685 2137 steve@selectphonedata.com.

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Steve Peterson steve@selectphonedata.com 904 685 2137

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