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Each writer fantasizes about acquiring that big fat advance so they can take a small dream time, write, relax, or place their youngsters via college. But what most writers dont know is it takes a heck of a lot of function to get to the point of becoming worthy of a publisher handing you the equivalent of the golden egg. Regardless of whether youre a doctor with the latest get thin fast diet or a mom who has a foolproof way to turn brats into angels, you should be willing to do the function-alot of it.

What separates the six-figure advance earners from the mid-list authors are two things.

1. They think of their book as a business.

2. They have a huge built in audience.

Assume of your proposal as the business plan for your book. Your book is an integral part of your general profession which contains speaking, items, and much more books. Authors are continually in search of approaches to expand their audience.

Agent David Hale Smith of DHS Literary, (he represented New York Instances Best-selling author Cheryl Richardson) says he wants his authors to be financially independent men and women who see their book as part of a bigger productive career. These are qualities he and other agents and publishers appear for in their budding celebrities.

From my own encounter media coaching and making marketing plans for authors who get six figures Ive discovered that they do 3 items right.

1. Six Figure Authors React Instantaneously.

When I asked Rich Fettke, author of *Extreme Success* to prepare the answers to the queries he thought hed be asked by editors he was flying to New York to meet, he had them ready the subsequent day. And yes, typically editors want to meet you-if they assume youre going to be their subsequent golden boy or girl.

This instant reaction reflex comes into play later when your publicity begins. When an authors topic is hot, theyre frequently asked to jump on a plane at a moments notice to seem on Television, radio, take a print interview or speak at an event or charity function. If you hesitate, the chance vanishes.

Publishers who have invested the massive bucks in you wont stand for it. And rightly so. You have an obligation to them to earn back that hefty advance (which sadly, most authors dont).

two. Six Figure Authors Speak.

Gone are the days when writers can cozy up in their garrets and write. To be a successful author right now you need to grow to be a public particular person, and a lot more than that, an entertaining one.

A key publishing house hired me to media coach a single of their rising star authors. Her book was getting major national press-but she was dull. And they were worried that her lackluster personality would effect her book sales. We worked till she got comfy on camera even though speaking vividly in 15 second soundbites.

3. Six Figure Authors Get Media Coached.

With some media coaching you can morph into a mediagenic maven. But it does take practice and sincere commitment. If you cant afford a media coach, get out that video camera and do mock interviews with friend. A lot can be revealed and ironed out just by seeing how you seem to other people on the large screen.

That mentioned there are five essential elements that determine the size of your advance.

1. Your platform.

two. Your endorsements.

three. Your publicity plan.

4. Your sample chapter.

five. Your audience.

1. Your platform.

When I interviewed editors at best New York publishing homes like Simon & Schuster & HarperCollins they told me repeatedly that the most critical factor a writer can have today is a powerful *platform.* A platform is how to be assertive a program of how you are going to reach your audience to sell books.

Prove you have a following. Publishers want to know who has purchased your books or merchandise in the past--and they want to know how several. Can you show that you have a track record of selling your goods to people across the globe, or at least in your community? Maybe youre not as far along in your profession as one particular of my clientele who is a $12,000 an hour speaker who put in his proposal the fact that his audiences range from 100-ten,000 folks, and he speaks 250 times per year.

His speaking bureau typically sells his video and audio tapes to these audiences in advance when they book his talk. What you want to show is how you can secure sales in large quantities to people you know will acquire from you-because they have purchased already. Or how audiences equivalent to the ones who have bought are primed to get your book.

two. Your endorsements.

To instantly establish your stature place these accolades on page number 1 so theyre the 1st thing an agent or editor sees. Endorsements need to have to be from celebrities, finest- selling authors and effectively-identified authorities in your field.

Show that youre respected in the world. Endorsements show that high-level men and women believe in you, that youre a excellent bet. They also go on your book cover jacket and aid sell your book-and in todays competitive marketplace its important. Dont say youre *actively in search of endorsements.* Top with the endorsements makes how to become rich positive an agent or editor gets that youre a large shot-or soon will be.

One secret that many authors dont know is the very best blurbs are written by the writers themselves. Dont expect renowned men and women to read your tome. They dont have the time or the desire. And please dont send your book to them unsolicited. Ask permission. Then do the operate for them and ask them to sign off on that best gem-the 1 youve written-touting the marvels of your perform.

3. Your publicity program.

Publishers are hunting for men and women who know how to promote themselves and will take responsibility for performing it themselves.

Map out your method for selling books. Are you giving keynotes, seminars & workshops to hundreds of individuals every single month? How several folks subscribe to your on-line newsletter, check out your net web site, get your items? Do you have large name clientele who will host seminars at their firms for you where youre guaranteed to sell books?

four. Your sample chapter.

*The moment youve established that the author has some sort of a platform, that they have some voice in the world beyond their circle of close friends, I go straight to the sample chapter,* says Kelly Notaras, a Senior Editor at Hyperion.

Prove you can write. *I want to know if they are a excellent writer, due to the fact an agent can tinker away with the rest of the proposal and make it sound actually great,* Notaras says.

What if youre not a fantastic writer? Employ a ghost writer. Don't forget platform is non-replaceable. You, the personality, the presence, is what publishers are investing in. Great writing can be purchased. Star good quality cant.

5. Your audience.

Prove you have a media track record. Who knows you currently? What magazines have your written for or appeared in? What Tv and radio shows have you been a guest on? Are those producers aching to get you back on their shows as soon as achievable? Do you have established relationships with them? You guarantee to a publisher that youll reach your audience by displaying who you have effectively reached in the past.

If you have not accomplished a lot media and are not yet nicely-known in the public the quickest way to do so is to join PR Leads, (a service that reporters and producers use to send out queries (requests) to interview professionals for stories theyre working on.)

They are usually on tight deadlines so you require to respond as soon as the queries hit your e mail inbox. As founder Dan Janal says, *Reporters dont care if you work for a Fortune 500 company. If they need an specialist and you can show them you are a single, that is all they care about.* Utilizing this service you can turn into an instant professional in a matter of weeks and create your platform in brief order.

Once you can say you have done a lot of media and you strategy to do a lot more of the exact same type of media you have had achievement with in the past, you'll be on your way to developing an impressive impression-1 that says that you have got 6 figure authentic happiness author prospective.

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