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Online cost service Exactly what We Do... RNK Productions is an entertainment based transcription business, but you give different levels of service that can be tweaked to allow for your transcription needs. Our Basic service for a 26 minute record of the single person question includes time code logging (just for movie submissions), B-roll notation, if requested, and also interviewer paraphrasing, all for the reasonable cost of $sixty-five. Multiple individual interviews or reality show type footage is usually a bit more entailed, therefore you charge a competitive hourly rate of $25 per transcription hour; a 26 minute tape should really take no longer than 2 to 5 hours, again depending on the level of difficulty of the job.

How It Works... Our standard turnaround time is usually 48 hours from time of record drop-off, however, you provide many levels of expedited rates. Please see the rate sheet for complete details. Deadlines, whether or not rush or traditional, are merely guaranteed with an agreement produced over the device or via email, thus please do not just drop off tapes and assume your deadline is met. Our business hours are 9 am to 6 evening Monday through Comes to an end, but you field calls 24/7 as well as can accept tapes at any time with before notice. For your own convenience, we have a 24 hour accessible tape drop located at the rear in our workplace. If tapes are dropped off after business hours, they'll be regarded as received on the next company day and will also be processed accordingly. Should you view a need to terminate or change your order, please allow us know because soon since you can. This way we encourage lots of online marketers, individuals as well as businesses to wrok with you and also expend their activities and customers.

Everything You Accept... We should not be held liable for your do well at tapes, be they audio or video, so please submit duplications in the following formats: VHS DVD WMV formatting (Windows Media Video) Standard or mini audio cassette MP3/WAV or perhaps different audio forms on CD-ROM If we have a formatting other than the ones above, please call beforehand to view once we can accommodate. If sound tapes are provided with movie sources, our Audio transcription rates may use as opposed to the Basic transcription rate. Before submitting the tapes, please run through this checklist to eliminate maybe incurring extra charges. q Are tapes numbered or perhaps described? q Is generally there a visible timecode window burned inside your own video sources? q Is the sound clear and also expertly recorded? Ask us about merging your own source tapes! It could save the production $$$$.

When the task is Done... Transcripts is delivered in many forms, depending on your own needs. The most common delivery is by e-mail. You can accommodate many word processing programs, however you ve found .doc (for PCs) and .rtf (for Macs) to become the mostly required. If required, we can supply your prescribe in difficult copy format OR on a floppy drive for a little extra fee. If you need to need a package service including UPS or perhaps FedEx, simply provide us with a pre-paid, pre resolved shipping form, as well as perfectly see that your tapes get back to one. If you d very use USPS delivery, we're much more than thrilled to accommodate. On top of that, you'll only be charged for actual transportation costs and the fee for a �delivery evidence form (which is currently 45 to fifty-five cents). We not charge a handling fee!!

Just how We Invoice... Unlike a a good deal of places, you feel it�s just fair for businesses which hold a forex account with RNK to receive a whole 26 days from the receipt of transcriptions to pay invoices. Companies certainly not about account get 14 days to pay in full from the time of transcription delivery. You accept cash, looks into or perhaps funds orders. Charge cards are accepted through PayPal s online money exchange service. Please note that if the PayPal method is used, an extra 3% is put into the total cost to cover the 3% transaction fee issued by PayPal. If cost is definitely not received by the due date reported on your invoice, a 2% late fee is assessed. Mistakes Happen... RNK takes delight in the standard of its transcripts, but nobody is completely error proof. If you feel the transcripts received tend to be definitely not as much as par, we are going to create yet another proofing pass of the transcripts involved at no cost to you. We aim to make the customers happy!

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