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Anik Singal Anik Singal is an entrepreneur who founded The Affiliate Classroom in 2004. He is also an affiliate training consultant that teaches SEO, web site monetization, and pay out for each click strategies. In addition, he runs the Start Tree membership websites and the common PPC Classroom in order to assist entrepreneurs with state-of-the-art information on product launches and pay-per-click advertising.

Detailed Overview

Anik Singal is well-known for his Affiliate Classroom membership website. He developed virtual coaching middle to educate marketers of all expertise levels. In the last couple of years, the info he has offered in his internet site has produced him one particular of the most common and highly regarded leaders in the affiliate marketing industry.

Anik has been instructing long-term affiliate tactics even though most affiliate publications and programs in the Web advertising industry educate fly-by-night techniques of creating commissions and contain numerous black hat strategies. One example of this coaching is creating high quality back links and offering the lookup engines with good quality subject material relatively than based on short-term black hat strategies.

He suggests different methods of advertising than relying on just a one supply of income. By employing numerous resources of leads /traffic and marketing several products, you could get rid from losses in case the merchandise you endorse is terminates or the industry becomes flooded with levels of competition and not any longer getting to be viable.

Another tactic he firmly advocates is building an e-mail listing simply because this provides you the chance to meet much more people, build connection and marketplace to them not just once. Combining that with a neighborhood and writing sites as a talking proposal. Actually, this tactic has constructed his brand name and placement in the marketplace. for more info on Anik Singal Products check us out now

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