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Following a release recently, the very first straight Alcatel Mobile Caused the market after a strong reaction. Alcatel has launched a high-profile fashion business model?? OT-C825. This stylish cell phone enterprize model, is Alcatel officially released in China first slide phone business. Now this Music phone The prices have ultra-low tariff of 896 yuan, a friend might prefer to view it!

Earlier times while using launch of Alcatel's cellphones, like the appearance of OT-C825's design continues to have a sublime and elegant romantic style is unique, this small enterprise phone with Alcatel Some slide design, the complete thickness of below 17mm, and weighs less than 100g. Front in the phone design with flat screen, screen, button, as carved out from the body in the same flat plane, simple front panel design which has a strong European flavor.or.

Division of 2-inch, 176x220 resolution 26 million color TFT screen, color performance, keep in mind, excellent. Brown body, having a simple button design, look prowess. To highlight the phone's fashion orientation, the three ad hoc bottom of the screen video playback control buttons, utilize music to get adjusted and business life, variable life easier for mobile multimedia.

Back with the phone's leather musica romantica texture with popular design, whether it be or should it have the texture patterns are incredibly similar with the leather, unique design that OT-C825 show away from fashion on the list of ordinary element of personality . Fuselage sides also continued the main Alcatel mobile phone "asymmetrical" design, in the back of the larger section of mountains and rolling hillsides striae brown, metallic silver left side of the design is extraordinarily eye-catching package, 1.3 million pixel camera embedded Included in this, the generous layout, revealing OT-C825 extraordinary elegance and superior tolerance.

Distinguished extraordinary appearance, connotation and different taste. Support 5 simultaneous conference call; equipped with powerful schedule; mass storage capacity around 800 phone directory; WAP2.0, Bluetooth 2.0 scales as much as 1G of U disk Storage ... ... probably the most cutting-edge fashion edge technology, OT-C825 11 inclusive. Built-in 1.3 million camera, while not the ultimate technology show, but in reality it also practical enough. Through data lines connected to the computer could be directly used as Network Camera use, video chat, video chat, very easy to get. Furthermore, considering the requirements of transnational entrepreneurs, OT-C825 also supports tri-band conversion, would facilitate the switching frequency of friends abroad, easy global roaming.

Fashion however purpose of music playback, OT-C825 In addition to supporting MP3 ,-AAC, AAC +, MIDI, SP-MIDI as well as other music formats additionally, its Bluetooth capabilities has improved over the past S853 only supports Wireless headset Defects, not simply increases the data transfer useage capabilities, and also has A2DP stereo canciones de amor Bluetooth, the most popular Headset Function, allowing users to better enjoy through the "wireless music" fun.

Business being a powerful fashion phone, Alcatel OT-C825 list of business, the culmination of fashion for increasingly intense business phone is injecting a breath of fresh wind. It can be reported that this mobile phone are usually in mid-April in leading chain stores in the united states listed. The hunt for business of favor taste, although not tired of complicated control interface cell phone business elite, OT-C825 is obviously distinguished, mobile commerce your best option.

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