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Paros Hotels Help keep you Busy

Certainly, Paros hotels provide the traveler with comfortable places to chill and absorb the sun's rays on their lovely balconies, however, there is so much to see and do about this fascinating Greek island that you will need to utilize the inside knowledge your hotel staff can give. Certainly, many hotel Paros provide wonderful your location activities which include private regularly, beaches, tennis, aquatic events, fitness centers, and spas. Should you desire however, to explore the island, Paros hotels will work their very best to advise you as to what many intriguing places to check out.

Paros hotels can provide clues about the incredible marble sell for that this island is world renowned. In fact, many famous statues were created from Parian marble. The Venus di Milo and also the Winged Victory of Samothrace both are types of the attractive semi-transparent marble quarried on Paros from the past. You are able to still purchase carvings composed of this local treasure. Ask your hotel concierge (or owner of smaller hotels) to find the best shopping places.

For anybody who is enthusiastic about background historical architecture, the staff of the hotel Paros can point you during the right direction to find out ancient churches and temples. Katapoliani is just about the earliest off Christian churches in Greece and is thought to have already been founded by St Helen around 300AD. Another church are Ag Konstantinou, that has been actually built atop an ancient temple with the Greek goddess, Demeter. Elements of that same temple were put to use to make a 13th century castle in Parikia, the main town of Paros. Be sure and inquire directions on the two ancient temples of Apollo, sunlight god, and Asclepius, the god of medicine.

And then for an exclusive treat for visitors, through the month of August, Paros hotels can say of the fun and spectacle of your annual festivities re-enacting the victory across the Turkish pirate Barbarossa.

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