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Ninjakiwi games have grown considerably before year and a half. Their popularity as a fun online flash games developer sprouted from their well renowned Bloons brand of games. Since that time they have gone from strength to strength with successful puzzle and arcade alternatives including Boombot, Potion Panic and Replay Racer.

The first cool browser games was exremely popular. It's simple design of a monkey firing darts to pop balloons brought a welcome rest from some of the more detailed and complex flash games. Selecting a monkey as a character mascot was a brilliant selection for Ninjakiwi, a memorable a unique animal to choose in a puzzle game, popping balloons with darts was also an imaginative concept. Bloons was soon being published and played on 100 free flash games web sites. Ninjakiwi had struck gold with Bloons, since its introduction back in April 2007; it is often played hundreds of millions of times.

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