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Ganoderma is known as gano healthy coffee because it combines the effects of normal coffee with the health benefits offered by Ganoderma Lucidum, a fungus of the mushroom family that is grown in China and Korea. Also known as Reishi and lingzhi, this fungus offers a large number of health benefits, and people drink it for exactly that reason.

There are a number of species of ganoderma that have been used in traditional Chinese and other Asian traditional medicine for many centuries, although it is on the Ganoderma Lucidum species that we are focusing on here in its specific usage with coffee to form the drink known as 'Gano healthy coffee'.

Reishi contains a number of terpenoids antioxidants along with polysaccharides and the trace mineral organic germanium, and the coffee it is used in as a delivery system contains a lower level of caffeine than standard ground coffee. In addition to its strong antioxidant properties, it is highly supportive of your immune system, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antidiabetic and helps to lower your blood pressure and reduce your blood cholesterol levels.

Add to that the strong antioxidant properties of regular coffee, and you have a potent healthy drink that thoroughly deserves the name bestowed on it of 'gano healthy coffee'. The fungus is generally accepted as one of the most highly respected medicinal mushrooms and is believed to be the oldest mushroom used in traditional medicine. It has been subject to many scientific analyses to determine its constituents, and also tested for its effectiveness in treating the medical conditions for which it has been widely acclaimed throughout the Orient.

Germanium is a mineral that enhances the oxygen uptake of your blood by over 50%, and it not only improves your circulation, but has been used to prevent pains in the legs and extremities during exercise. Healthy coffee with added Ganoderma offers an energy boost several times that of ginseng and similar herbs. People drink Ganoderma coffee for that and a number of other reasons. By combining low caffeine Brazilian coffee beans and Ganoderma Lucidum, you end up with a drink that offers all the benefits of real coffee without the side-effects of caffeine, along with the added benefits of Reishi.

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