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This traditional furniture can be very environmentally sound especially if the materials are sourced from renewable sources. One thing to look out for, especially if your are looking to buy pieces constructed using a teak frame is that the teak should be from a government approved renewable or managed source. If you intend to purchase rattan furniture purely for outdoor use and live in a wetter climate and perhaps lack storage space then you may be wiser to opt for synthetic rattan furniture set. Synthetic or man made poly rattan is the latest development in rattan furniture. Using nylon man made strands, steel or aluminum framed furniture is clad in a wicker style to emulate natural rattan whilst doing away with potential mould or fading problems associated with the organic furniture. As the fiber is man made and locally produced prices often reflect lower costs of producing this furniture. The man made fiber is often more pliable and workable and as a result a far wider range of furniture shapes, textures and patterns is available. As a result of these developments poly rattan furniture is now the derigeur option when choosing outdoor rattan furniture, although perhaps not as environmentally friendly as the organic traditional alternative.

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