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Veterans Fitness Career College seeks to create Jobs for Veterans and a Healthier America. Costa Mesa, CA – April 18, 2012 – In a booming wellness industry, Veterans Fitness Career College (VFCC), a Service-connected Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, provides veterans and their dependents top-notch fitness education and apprenticeships programs along direct job placement with hundreds of VFC College’s health club career partners. What follows for our veterans is a rewarding career focused on making America healthier. “Clearly the entire country is struggling with challenges of being overweight and under employed, which is why I became a Fitness Trainer 22 years ago,” says Chris Paschane, Founder and President of VFC College. Paschane adds, “In fact, one out of every three American adults is now considered overweight and about 1 in 10 are currently unemployed. But, I feel we have an even bigger problem with our military veterans,” says Paschane. With passion, Paschane adds, “There are over 870,000 unemployed veterans as we speak. About 18% of veterans, within one to three years of discharge, are finding themselves unemployed despite actively seeking employment. The 25% who do find jobs are earning less than $22,000 a year on average. Many of these veterans are suffering from combat related stress, anxiety and depression. They need our help to transition into a career where they can find support, stability, and vitality. This is our primary mission at the Veterans Fitness Career College,” As a viable career option many veterans have already chosen to pursue a career in fitness which shows average earnings above “$53,000 annually”, says Paschane. Trainers who build their business and sales skills may also move on to become Fitness Managers that will often make 2- 3 times this amount nearing $100,000 - $150,000 or more in some health clubs. Differentiating themselves from the market, Veterans Fitness Career College boasts a 100% veteran faculty and a 100% veteran staff, most of which have 80-100% service-connected disabilities. “Veterans Fitness Career College is a community of caring and motivated veterans with extensive experience in the fitness industry who are helping our fellow transitioning veterans and their dependents get healthy as they start a rewarding and sustainable career in the fitness industry. The result is more jobs for our veterans and a healthier America,” says Paschane. Paschane is a service-connected disabled USAF Gulf War Veteran who has more than 22 years of success in almost every aspect of the fitness industry (e.g. a Gym Owner, Fitness Educator, Public Speaker, Regional Fitness Manager, National Top Producer and highly sought out Fitness Trainer by celebrities, professional athletes and UFC MMA Fighters. “I founded the Veterans Fitness Career College because it was a natural progression of my journey to combine my passion for fitness along with my commitment to help veterans,” says Paschane who comes from a long family line of military veterans in all branches of service dating back to the Civil War. Paschane can be reached by phone at 714-362-8618 x100, or via email at For more information, visit the website at army army

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