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Car reviews - Maruti Alto LXi And Maruti Alto K10 Car Specs

In this post you can receive informations about Maruti Alto Car Specs and Alto K10 car reviews. Maruti Alto has been available since India in 2000, manufactured by Maruti Suzuki India Limited. It is actually among the finest selling models in India, since its launch till date this model maintains its position. Maruti Suzuki Alto may be very much suitable for the very center class people of the united states due to the reliability, low fuel consumption, efficient mileage, less maintenance and affordable price, which can be good. In 2008, the car crossed manufacturing of 1 million units. Maruti Alto LXi K10 will be the recently launched model plus its the favourite variant of the Alto.

Maruti Suzuki Alto variants in India are: Alto Std - A base model with 796 cc engine with basic features. Alto LX - A upgraded variant of base model that is included with a further features like tinted glasses, AC and heater, cup-holders and so on. Alto LXi - A high-end variant of 796 cc engine built with an added features like fabric seats, power steering, remote fuel lid opener and rear head restrains. Alto VXi K10 - The recently launched top-end variant with 998 cc K-series engine that pre-loaded with 13 inch tubeless tyres, key-off reminder, three spoke tyre, front power windows, front fog lamps for example.

Alto LXi K10 - Base variant of newly launched K-series engine, while using the displacement of 998 cc K10 engine designed with new cable type transmission, improved suspension, space ate rear legroom, superior brake system.

Alto LXi CNG - Saving money eco-friendly version that comes with both petrol and CNG engine types with stick shift. Someone can shift the engine type using the convenience in eco-friendly green CNG variant. Alto variants prices cover anything from 2.5 lacs and 3.5 lacs.

Alto LXi K10 will be the popular variant of Maruti Alto. Maruti Alto LXi and VXi are equipped with advanced K-series engine. These recently launched variants come with front fog lights, tinted glasses, innovative cable transmission, central locking system and many more. The fresh LXi has potent K10 engine that's a great deal apt for rough Indian roads. The LXi K10 engine come with the displacement of 998 cc, the engine cable is stretched to 125 mm so as to fit the K10 engine which is greater than the engine of other variants. Alto K10 carries a three-cylinder fuel efficient engine that's the capability to create 67 bhp at 6200 rpm and 90 nm torque at 3500 rpm and it will reach 100 kmph within just 13.3 seconds. Maruti Alto LXi variants prices range between 3 lacs and 3.5 lacs.

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