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Flip Again Time, a leading specialist in the field of “anti-aging” and screening for stress-induced arterial stiffness working out of the Hertfordshire, UK, has lately launched a new screening test that aids determine and reduced the danger of struggling a coronary heart attack or stroke close to the world. According to Controlling Director Andrew Stefanczyk, the new screening check has given that been having a string of successes to the stage that it has now acquired the backing and endorsement by two major UK cardiologists, Dr. Khalid Barakat and Dr. Stephen Rex. “Our cutting edge therapy is centered about equipment that has been trialled and created with each other with 1 of the world’s largest companies. The equipment can not only assess arteries for signs of stiffening and narrowing, but collectively with our specialised personal computer software, it can also make an estimate of a person's biological age,” mentioned Andrew. He added that they have unique international rights to use the tools on a industrial basis. “Nobody else can provide this specialised therapy,” he noted. The new testing equipment, which took some three years to create and test, is a new screening test that aids recognize arterial stiffness. Higher arterial stiffness can trigger heart attacks and strokes which are the world’s largest killer, Andrew explained that Flip back again Time are aiming to make the check accessible to everyone, even those who are economically challenged in countries these kinds of as India and Africa. “The is welcome information for the hundreds of thousands of individuals close to the environment who for years have been absolutely unaware that they are at higher risk of coronary heart disease and strokes,” said Andrew. “Once a individual is created informed of their arterial situation via screening checks such as ours, steps can be taken to aid lessen the chance of suffering a heart assault or stroke” he added. According the spokesperson, Flip Back Time delivers a safe, successful and painless way to identify and decrease the chance of individuals struggling a heart assault or stroke. “The test requires much less than 5 minutes to perform. It’s inexpensive and entirely painless”. Currently, the organization is busy developing test centres throughout the world. So far, they have efficiently set up for more info and helpful articles on Heart attack go to our site now

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