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The field of cosmetic dentistry has witnessed some innovative changes in the last few centuries. A set of perfect teeth and a beautiful smile is just a matter of few appointments at the cosmetic dentist's clinic for New Yorkers. It is usual to find people flaunting their beautiful celebrity smiles like a prized accessory in New York's society. The reason behind these sculpted smiles is the expertise ofcosmetic dentistry NYCprofessionals.

One of the biggest traumas involves that of missing teeth. It now has a solution with the help of dental implants provided by the expertise of cosmetic dentistry. Hailed as one of the biggest discoveries in cosmetic dentistry, they help to replace missing teeth.

In the section below, a cosmetic dentistry surgeon talks about the evolution of these dental implants.

Dental implants are known to have a long history in the Egyptian civilization and the Mayan civilization. Evidences of dental treatment have been found in the pharaohs and those of rudimentary dental implants have been found in a Mayan skull. The Mayan skull showed pieces of shell being used as dental implants that fused to the gums and its evidence is still present in the Harvard University. However, dentistry has seen some revolutionary changes in the last few centuries. The dental implants today are more advanced and they make the use of biocompatible titanium alloy in order to replace a missing tooth or a set of teeth.

Tooth loss is common and may occur due to various reasons that include tooth decay, root canal failure, gum disease, trauma to the mouth, congenital effects and wear or tear. Toot implants use a prosthetic crown and an artificial anchor shaped root. Aprofessional offers services that are conducive to the needs of the patient. The dental implantology has reported 100% success rates in patients but factors such as poor jaw, disease or heavy smoking can adversely affect the success rates.

A dental implant may involve a CT scan or an X-ray performed by the cosmetic dentist and incisions are made in the gum for embedding the implant in the jaw. The root structure of the implant is then capped that helps to simulate the natural teeth. Today advanced techniques also involve the removal of any unhealthy tooth and its immediate replacement of the socket with a dental implant. New Yorkers no longer have to suffer the trauma caused by missing teeth, they can benefit from dental implants.

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