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Causes Founder's $400M Facebook 'Mistake' tin tucJoe Green pretty likely the Facebook roommate you've never heard of, however the Harvard graduate is attempting to have a difference in the world, with your buddies. Green lacks the name recognition of company co-creator Mark Zuckerberg , or even Eduardo Saverin, who famously helped launch Facebook, although he was there together with the Internet entrepreneurs in the dorm where the social networking powerhouse was born. And he walked aloof from it. Green was one among Zuckerberg's roommates at Harvard University in 2004, and was asked because of the young man, that is now worth approximately $17.5 billion, to be reduced out of the Ivy League school enrol him in building the advertising and marketing website, and that is expected to file for the ipo this week. As the two has gotten into some warm water with Harvard for only a previous project -- the "hot-or-not" website Facemash, the building of which was dramatized in Oscar-winning film "The Communal " -- Green ultimately told Zuckerberg "no" due to the reason that the school had threatened him with expulsion. His decision to not join Zuckerberg could at the moment b e considered a $400 million mistake tin tuc viet nam docbao baomoi 24h nhanh nong truyen . "We'd come into a bit more issue with the original project ... and my father, who's a professor, have not been too satisfied with the prospect of me getting kicked away from school," Green told ABC News. "Zuckerberg likes to tease my dad due to this, but we're still quite close." In lieu of following Zuckerberg and his team to Silicon Valley, Green followed his passion for politics and worked for John Kerry's failed 2004 presidential campaign. Now, despite his initial decision, he's back in the Facebook fold, operating a for-profit business called Causes, a Facebook application and website that lets friends suggest to friends your favourite charity, social cause and not to mention political candidate. The stated goal of Causes is "to empower anyone with a right action or ability to change to impact the entire world." "The manner in which for getting people civically engaged, not simply through the election but all year round, would be to tap into Facebook as well as let them do it right along with their friends," Green says. In increasing numbers, political candidates and campaigns are turning to advertising and marketing to purchase elections. As President Obama proved in 2008, social media has become a sturdy political tool that could mobilize voters. "Do not ignore it," Green says. "It's like ignoring television or ignoring, you know, mail. It's become such an integral a part of people's lives." Green says his company aided raise $50 million for 50,000 charities, while Causes' Facebook page boasts 6.5 million active monthly users. The New York Times reported of the year that Causes received $9 million in funding financing, bringing its total financing to $16 million. Green, the roommate who said "no" to what turned into a Web behemoth, has no regrets, although he comes with plenty of Facebook stock, and he's found his own cause. "Everyone has the flexibleness hanging out at these to be beneficial," Green said. on hinh anh dep

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