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Snuggie For Dogs

There is great news for every body dog owning Snuggie lovers out there and often now buy Dog Snuggies! Now your canine companions can utilize the same soft, comfortable and warming benefits because you do with your favourite snuggle blanket. You do not have to worry about your dog trying to steal your blanket from you any longer because now they can have their particular which is available throughout two colors and different sizes for all various kinds of breeds.

Snuggie for Dogs Colours

Just like the childrens' blankets, the Snuggies for Dogs collection also comes in blue and pink. The blue color seriously isn't a new addition while it is the same color obtained in the traditional adult Snuggies, however, the pink was a brand new introduction that was also included with the childrens blanket lineup. The best part regarding the actual blankets themselves is the fact it is made from the same luxurious fleece material that this regular fleece blanket with sleeves designed for us enjoy. There is absolutely no difference in the grade of the material as a long way as which color you choose either.

Snuggie for Dogs Positive aspects

There are some distinct benefits and advantages buying this blanket brings on the table. For starters, since it is really easy to get on and off from a dog, it makes for the perfect solution relating to walking your dog throughout the rain and cold temperature; sparing you and your dog from creating a soaked dog running throughout your house and on your household furniture after walks. If that alone is just not enough for you, the fashion aspect from the blanket should do the item. It is no hidden knowledge that dog fashion has exploded suitable huge market and will still grow bigger and much larger. The multipurpose functions this blanket can provide, from rain protection, to extra warmth to even having a top quality piece of material to snuggle about during those cold nights is amazing. There is no reason your dog are unable to use this Snuggie to be a regular blanket when one is not wearing it.

Recordable Dog Tag Free Gift

Each purchase of the Snuggie for Dogs includes a free recordable dog label. This dog tag will be one innovative device that permits you to record things as contact information, phone, addresses or anything else you are feeling is necessary to ensure the dog finds its way back in case they turn out to be lost. Once you record the message you'll be able to attach it on to the dog's collar and anyone who finds your lost dog can simply play a person's prerecorded message back using the touch of a press button. When you order on line and take advantage of the buy one, get one free special currently taking place ,, you get a free of charge second dog Snuggie in addition to an additional free 2nd recordable dog collar.

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