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Thinking of Selling ? First Step is to Choose anExpert Toronto Real Estate Agent

Toronto is a big cosmopolitan city . You love it and feel that the time is right for you to buy a property. Once you have decided to buy a house or a condo, besides searching or doing work on your own on the internet, you should select an agent to work with. GTA Toronto, has over 32,000 salespersons engaged in the real estate sales and brokerage business. That is almost four times the number of real estate agents that GTA really needs. Excess supply of agents does not make the process of selecting a good agent any easier. Selecting a good agent is extremely important because an agent will act as an advisor and help you through the maze of legal and financial moves involved in buying a property. A good agent will understand your needs and financial guidelines, explain you the different steps involved, focus on those properties that meet your requirements and save you money in the buying process. A professional seasoned agent will make the buying process enjoyable and save tens of thousands of dollars. Here are few guidelines on how to select a Good Toronto Real Estate Agent. Education: In most states, before an agent can work as an agent, he/she needs certification from the government that will allows him/her to work as an agent. This is a 6 month study course, but this education will only get a person a license but will not make the person a ?Good? agent. You should look for a person who has had academic qualification in the fields like marketing, human behavior, economics, financial analysis, appraisal and negotiations. Advice of an agent will be meaningful only if he has studied these subjects and trust me, process of buying and selling does encompass these subjects. Experience: Education is important but nothing compensates for ?experience? . Look for an agent who has experience in all facets of real estate field. While it is helpful, it is not necessary that the agent should have experience in a certain geographical area. A well rounded agent will serve you well in any geographical area. Knowledge: Real Estate market has its ups and downs. Is the agent knowledgeable on different issues affecting the current real estate market. You should select an agent who keeps himself informed with the developments in the industry and can advise you with the latest financial and legislative regulations that may affect your purchase. Training: A god agent updates his knowledge with regular training. Internet has become crucial for real estate business; a good and successful agent would have internet skills and training to help his clients. Value of Time: You should choose an agent who is smart and successful and has respect for time - his time and yours. A good agent understands his client?s needs and screens the properties accordingly. He does not waste his time or his client?s time by poor time management skills. He does not drag his client to see unsuitable properties that are beyond his clients budget or requirement criteria. He gets to accomplish most in a day; he leaves nothing to an unpleasant surprise and stays focused on getting the right property in a timely fashion. Attitude: You need to hire an agent who is easy to work with, who will understand your needs and will be easily accessible. He should have an attitude that makes you feel comfortable to work with. Commitment: There are very many agents who have absolutely no commitment ?neither to their profession nor to their clients ?their only commitment they have, is to themselves. Selling Real Estate is their part time/stop-gap job; you should avoid such agents at all costs. A good agent is responsible and will not disappear when you need him the most. Negotiating Skills: Exceptional Negotiating skills are crucial, if the agent is to save you money. Negotiating skills do not come easy, these cannot be bought or borrowed; it takes years of experience to acquire these skills. Do not overlook this quality in an agent, an agent with these skills can make a difference of thousands of dollars in your favour. Pride in Performance: Good agents take pride in their performance and the results they deliver. Many agents get the license but have no feeling for their clients; they are in the real estate business only to make money. You should work with an agent who prides in every sale he makes and every client is special to him.

References:  Once you have gone through the above selection process, do check the references.   A successful agent will have very many past happy clients and should be able to supply you references for you to check,  if you wish.

Resource Box: The traditional functioning of Real Estate Brokerage is inherently inefficient. The consumer is likely to end-up paying a lot more for a property than he should, if he is not too careful or if he does not have a good agent as an adviser. If you want good service, expert advice and see the results you should screen and select an agent to work with, very carefully. Do not overlook education, experience, negotiating skills, knowledge and high ?tech training. The fast talking qualities do not make a person a good real estate agent. You should compare resumes before making a selection. To be an expert Toronto Real Estate Agent, it takes education, knowledge and decades of training and dedication to the profession. If you overlook these qualities and decide to retain your friend, your close relative with complete disregard to everything else, do not complain or do not be surprised if you lose thousands of dollars in the process. The author, Nawel K Seth, MBA, Broker of Record, of Trail Blazers Realty, is a veteran in the field of Real Estate and Finance with over 40 years of diversified experience and is a regular contributor of articles on the web and seminars. He can be contacted at 416-630-1999 / 905-660-7999 / 1-866 890 1999 or by email Visit us today to find an Expert Toronto Real Estate Agent

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