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Doodle Jump by Lima Sky is actually a pretty simple, yet incredibly addictive app for the particular iPhone and in addition iPod Touch. Since the particular the majority of recent version's release within the United States on September 28, 2009 it has been featured by within the Apple App Store with regard to the "Brand-new plus Noteworthy" and also "What's Hot" categories. Reviewers and also users alike agree which Doodle Jump typically is fun to act plus highly addictive for many factors, however, the primary feature which has users hooked on the game typically is its general simplicity. Various reviewers equally consider the actual characters not to mention animations in order to be charming and also creative. Resembling the sketches almost everyone has doodled throughout notebook margins, Doodle Jump's animated characters bring simple scribbles and even doodles to everyday living. Game play typically is surprisingly simple, which has had a big impact on the game's prosperity. The object typically is simply that would guide the particular cutely sketched leading character - acknowledged simply as the actual Doodler - up because very high as quite possible with regard to a series of platforms. The character proceeds on his upward journey on his own. Sound simple? Hardly. The trick is actually that would guide the character left and / or right to be able to jump on the proper platforms while avoiding landing on a crumbling platform or absent a platform just about all together. Because the game progresses, indeed there are generally also enemies which include black holes, aliens, and even UFOs which can certainly interrupt the particular character's trip to the top. They should be avoided or alternatively shot by turning the actual Doodler character into a weapon merely by tapping found on the screen. As buyers guide the particular Doodler high and even high us can easily see different people's high scores listed throughout the margin not to mention buyers could watch the actual principal character bounce past all those scores on its means to be able to setting a brand-new very high score. Since its release, Doodle Jump has stayed very good on the Apple App Store's list of Top Paid Apps. Within the United States it was actually the actual number one top paid arcade game app inside April. It has furthermore accomplished number you status arcade game, app, and even general game within numerous countries about the particular planet with regard to Will, June, July, August, as well as September. According in order to lots of critiques on iTunes and in addition from the media, it happens to be the ideal micro-game, not to mention it is extremely re-playable. Because the particular Doodle Jump gains inside popularity it has been referred to because the best game of its type, not to mention with new updates being steadily released its clear that it can continue on its journey that would the particular top. Doodle Jump sold 10 million copies on iTunes as well as Android Market that would date, and even reached over 15 million downloads across just about all platforms currently for sale. It is one of several highest ranked applications on Apple's App Store (iOS). Doodle Jump has received favorable reports from fans and even critics alike, with TouchGen mentioning the particular fact that the actual game typically is 'fun as heck' plus moreover praising the sound and in addition cartoon graphics that they feel grant the particular game charm. The actual review ends by suggesting which the game is a 'joy to play' and that it's obvious that a 'lot of love went into this game.' Fans of the actual game include mentioned the particular addictive nature of the game plus on forums throughout the actual internet it is very consistently stated as being with regard to people's top Smartphone games, alongside other successful games for example the particular common Angry Birds. In order to get the latest version of Doodle Jump please visit Doodle Jump Download

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