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There are many lucrative jobs in the medical industry for people other than doctors. These jobs provide a good source of regular income as well as job satisfaction. Here is information about two of these job fields which offer rewarding careers for medical job aspirants:

Medical Secretary - This is really an interesting and promising career option. Of course the pay scale is lower than doctors but otherwise it is a respectful job that yields a great job satisfaction. This will require you to manage medical information of patients in orderly and efficient manner. You will be responsible to update the records with any test results reports. You will need to check patient's reports and records as they reach to clinic to see the doctor and arrange them in order of their requirement so that doctor does not have to waste time in finding these things. You will also be responsible to ensure that correct reports and data is passed to the consultants and records must be maintained appropriately as the mistakes may cost dear to patients and doctor both.

The job of a Medical Secretary requires you to have a qualification from Association of Medical Secretaries, or some reputed college or institution. Generally experienced persons are preferred in this field hence you might want to start a career from medical receptionist and then move up to Medical Secretary.

The job of a Medical Receptionist is similar to that of a Medical Assistant and is very important for the doctors. The person has to establish a good rapport with patients and other consultants and visitors to minimize the stress on doctor's schedule and routine. Am efficient Medical Receptionist adds clients to the doctors' list of patients and contribute to the success of this whole enterprise.

Medical receptionists play an important role in overall medical office or hospital management. S/he is the first person whom patient interact with either on phone or personally while visiting the clinic / hospital. Medical Receptionist, thus, is the person who ensures whether the patient should stay with your clinic / hospital or not.

Sometimes, during the rush hours, role of Medical Receptionist becomes very important when s/he has to cope with impatient patients and incoming calls both. Thus a qualified medical receptionist adds value to your reputation and time both. Some times a medical receptionist may need to answer queries of calling or visiting patients and should be aware of the facts and figures, events and dates so that communicate correct information.

The aspiring Medical Receptionist should have a pleasant and professional voice, a multi-task abler who can handle multiple calls at a time, should be able to remember and record exact figures. s/he should computer literate and equipped with all abilities of a personal assistant. 医師 募集

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