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KM Services is truly a supplier of excellent mud motor bearing parts, Float Valves, Mud Motor Bearing & MWD Parts of the booming global oil and gas drilling industry. We give Mud Motor replacement parts for variety of makes and models that can be helpful to ship immediately. KM Services offers special built screens to your specifications.

KM Services is proud of 30 years of precision Machining experience and prides itself with providing quality parts with the oil filed related businesses. Kenneth McBryde is the founder of KM services that is founded in 2003 and also has since expanded a Multi Million dollar business and continues to grow in this particular economy. You could find KM Services and this affiliated businesses in Houston, Texas just minutes south of William P. Hobby airport. KM Services commit to its customer?s demands and keep on trying to cultivate still giving excellent client service.

With decades of skilled machining experience, KM Services provides premium Measurement While Drilling components, mud motor bearing races and Running Gear. We start with superior raw materials that validate zero risk of obtaining inferior products.

We are aware that the unprecedented global need of energy has turned gas and oil drilling with a hyper- competitive business, so we offer same-day shipment of our products nationally and internationally, twenty four hours a day, seven days 7 days.

At Services quality, performance, and price effective services certainly are a priority for us and for our customers. KM Services dedicated sales reps, Customer satisfaction, and support team is often here to answer any questions that you will have regarding our product. KM Services also includes the engineering staff to construct your personal parts to purchase. We a can take your ideas making them in to into a reality, exclusively for you.

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