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If a family member or friend has recently died, and you are tasked with making final arrangements, you may not know where to begin. Funeral planning can be overwhelming and stressful. It can be very difficult managing your own feelings of grief while trying to make appropriate decisions for the funeral or memorial service.

Before you begin making plans and calls, it may be helpful to find a quiet place to think through some key decisions. You should also consider asking a trusted family member or friend help you through this process. By answering the following you can begin to outline a funeral and memorial service for your loved one.

1. Try and locate important documents such as birth certificates, insurance policies, will information and other printed items. These documents will be necessary when making arrangements with official offices and funeral directors.

2. Will the body be present at the funeral, or will you have a memorial service, with no body present?

3. Are you considering cremation? If so, how will you disburse the ashes? will you have a memorial or cremation ceremony?

4. If planning a funeral or memorial service, will it be religious, civil (non-religious) or something more nontraditional such as a burial at sea or service in a park at the beach.

5. How will you notify the public about the death? Decide if you will publish an obituary and/or funeral service announcements in the local newspaper or other publications.

5. Will you have a small service or will there be lots of people.

6. What kind of funeral music, memorial quotes or sayings or readings will you use during your service. Think about any photos or other personal items that you may want to include in your service.

7. Will you have printed memorial materials such as a funeral order of service sheets, bookmarks or prayer cards.

8. Decide whether you would like flowers or if you would like donations to be sent to a favorite charity.

There are many, many more details that you will need to consider, but this is a good list to get the planning process started. You can also consult your funeral director, celebrant or clergy members for information. There is also an abundance of information available on the internet. You can purchase items such as flowers and caskets, and get good and helpful suggestions about funeral songs, scriptures and poems. 葬儀 東松山

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