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Prayer cards are small bookmark-like cards that are commonly distributed at funeral homes during a viewing. Religious or spiritual in nature, the front of the card historically featured a sacred picture and the back is printed with a prayer. The reverse side of the card also lists the deceased's name, birth and death dates. Many people keep and cherish prayer cards in memory of loved ones.

In the past, prayer cards were available in a limited number of styles. Funeral directors ordered the cards from printing companies, who added the relevant names and dates to standard stock. They were personalized, to a degree, but families had little if any say in the choice of pictures and text. More recently, funeral professional could order pre-printed stock and simply added names and dates; however, the personalization options were limited.

Specialized funeral software has changed all of that. Today, funeral directors no longer need to purchase pre-printed stock, but can simply use blank stock. This blank stock can be morphed into a completely personalized piece of funeral stationery.

Families can now choose the image that will be placed on the front of the card, the text for the reverse side of the card, and add more personal details such as a photo of the deceased. Instead of a generic funeral-type prayer chosen by a stranger at the printing company, prayer cards can be infused with the distinct personality of the person being remembered.

Many people have favorite prayers that they say repeatedly throughout their lives, whether they're formal, worship-related texts or secular writings with spiritual overtones. Those people who are closest to them know their prayers, their wishes and their hearts, and when it comes time to create the perfect prayer card, they know exactly what it should say.

With software programs designed especially for use in creating and printing funeral stationery, a funeral director can scan in a favorite photo, add details such as birth and death dates, and then begin to truly make the prayer card a memorial.

Adding quotes, a line or a passage from Scripture, or a well-loved prayer to the reverse side of the card will reflect your loved one's faith and life's purpose. The words he uttered so often, or the philosophy he lived by, will be clear to all who read it.

The front of the card can also be made deeply meaningful with a special image, or utilize the same theme that has been chosen for the rest of the funeral stationery. Having a continuous theme throughout all of the funeral stationery adds a special touch and speaks volumes about the life that is being celebrated. 葬儀 品川

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