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Informasi Kredit Terbaik di Indonesia question anyone reading the title of this text may ask is why anyone outside of Germany itself would wish to shop for a de domain? the solution to that question is apparently a whole heap of people, as a glance at the list of most costly domain sales shows a decided interest in dot-de on the part of English speakers.

For example, the German word for the English verb "Shopping" is "Einkaufen." Guess the identity of the most expensive dot-de domain name ever sold? No, it wasn't "Einkaufen" that was purchased for 2.8 million bucks, it was "Shopping!" Next was the clearly German word, "Kredit," for 1.2 million bucks. but the third and fourth words, Casino($625,000) and Chat ($470,000), are just as obviously English. Casino in German is spelled with a "K," and "chat" is spelled "plaudern. different European nations also use the German TLD.

Apparently "de" could be a favorite with sure artistic site developers that appreciate an honest "domain hack" in the Romance Languages like Spanish and French." Since in these languages "de" is employed during a method just like the way English speakers use "of," it allows the developers to mix the extension with the name and even associated files within the URL path. In an example provided by Wikipedia, "" (theforum.of), becomes "" Cool eh!

So the answer to the question posed by the title is outwardly "yes," anyone should purchase a de domain name. but browse on, for there are restrictions!

First of all, if you reside outside of Germany you must have a contact in Germany as the "administrative contact." this is often not as onerous a restriction as it at first appears because the registrars will assign an administrative contact when the registrant is without one. Some registrars charge for the service. In the U.S., giant registrars like GoDaddy and its resellers automatically give a proxy administrative contact for free.

A second restriction says that the most registration amount is proscribed to 1 year.

A third restriction disallows the utilization of privacy. This restriction isn't uncommon in the CC-TLD area; Informasi Kredit Terbaik di Indonesia each dot-us and dot-ca, for instance, will not enable privacy.

The fourth restriction has to do with name servers, "dns," and is certain to cause some confusion when encountered. It seems a dot-de domain must haven't any fewer than two "authoritative name servers." every of the two name servers must be on a "separate class-C network"...already feeling slightly intimidated? do not be! Your registrar will automatically assign the required name servers; and if you request a amendment the support employees can know how to handle the switch.

Over fourteen million dot-de domains have been registered. This makes this the second preferred TLD. we will surmise that the majority are registered by Germans, however it is apparent that others have bought up a share additionally because it could be a particularly useful domain.

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