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One of the best, simplest ways to take care of your Motorola Droid X is by simply putting a phone case. But it does not mean that every Droid case available in the market could give the protection that your phone needs. Here is a rundown of what we think is the toughest Droid X cases.

1. Seidio Innocase Rugged Droid X Case and Holster Combo

Seidio Innocase Rugged Case and Holster Combo is the best ranked Droid X case according to customer reviews so it only deserves the number 1 spot on this list. This combo case consists of Ultimate Screen Guard, a 0.1 mm thin screen protector that shields the LCD against scratches; Innocase Surface, a slim case that provides the protection against bumps and falls; Rugged Skin and Skeleton, a 2.5 mm silicone case that perfectly fits the Innocase Surface and serves as your phone's last line of defense; and Innocase Rugged Holster, it tightly secures your phone onto your belt or pants.

2. Amzer Luxe Argyle Skin Droid X Case

Comes in at number 2 on our list is the Amzer Luxe Argyle Skin Case. It is reasonably priced at $8.08. If you are the fashionable type of person but does not want to sacrifice the quality of your phone case, this one is perfect for you. It provides extra grip to your phone which prevents it from accidentally slipping or falling.

3. Amzer Limited Edition Elite Leather Snap-On Hard Droid X Case

It is not very often that we can find quality leather that is being used as a phone case that is why another Amzer product finds its way for the second time on our list. This case is designed with a top of the line premium leather to absorb all bumps, shocks, and even scratches.

4. Superior Rubberized Hard Shell Droid X Case with Holster

There's a reason it's called "Superior". This phone case from Superior will surely live up to its name by giving superior protection to your device. It has a criss-cross texture that helps you to grip your phone better. The case is composed of the impact-resistant case and the matching belt clip holster with tough shield holder.

5. Body Glove 948301 Snap-On Droid X Case

The brand famous for making the finest sporting goods is now here to give protection to your smartphones. Body Glove's 948301 Snap-On Case features a heavy-duty case that is covered in textured glove finish that makes your device easy to grip and protects your phone against accidental falls, bumps, and scratches. テフロンテープ

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