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Getting online backup is now a must for most individuals and businesses. With that said, the upfront cost of paying for the service or monthly membership fee is more than what most people are willing to pay. This kind of perspective is understandable especially if they have yet to experience the benefits of backup services.

So if you're not ready to pay, then getting a free service gives you a foretaste of what the backup solution has to offer. It gives an overview of the features, functions, and the amount of data you can safety store in an offsite location. Contrary to some perspectives, there are actually a lot of fully-featured online backup services that are available for free.

Online backup services let you store everything from cherished digital photos, large enterprise spreadsheets, and important business documents. It eliminates the need to buy multiple hard drives for storage. With that said, here are the different types of online backup you can take advantage of depending on your needs:

Email Backup

Have you ever considered using free email services for online backup? Believe it or not, tech companies offer great storage capacity on this service. Just upload your files to Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail and name them accordingly. You can easily access, view, and download the documents when you need them.


Another notable name in the online backup services industry is Dropbox. The company offers 2GB of free storage space. If you need a larger option, upgrades are available for a fee. Dropbox offers file synching to make the process of storing files easier for you. This service is available in computers, mobile devices, and tablets. The service has become a favorite collaboration tool among individuals who work virtually.

Windows Live Skydrive

The fact that Microsoft is offering a free online service may come as a surprise to many. The company is known to champion propriety licensing for software and tech products over the open-source platform. The Skydrive program offers users an incredible 25GB of free online storage. The system requires you to have a Microsoft Live account. It has a complete set of features including file synching, user-friendly interface, and compatibility with Windows OS system.


Mozy is one of the first companies that offered online backup services. While a lot of names have cropped up since then, it remains one of the top names in the industry. The company offers a basic plan for free. If you need bigger storage and better capacity, it is recommended for you to upgrade the service. Mozy is known to keep user data secure with its sophisticated encryption system.

As you can see, there are a variety of free online backup choices available for users. 2GB, which seems to be the standard basic plan offered by most companies, is more than enough for personal users. If you're running a business with large amounts of data though, it is important to seriously look at paid options. Try out the company's trial package to determine if the service is something you'll find useful. Online Backup Service

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