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Cloud services is the most talked about Internet based service which quite a few big companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google have developed. In this, companies provide infrastructure needed to host Internet services like, say, mailing. Just to check or send mails, you cannot invest in a mail server and other hardware related infrastructure. It is a little too expensive for an individual or a company for that matter. Therefore, what these providers do is rent out these services at minimal cost and save you a lot of money.

Cloud services are either private or public services. Emails come under public service and private or paid services include a variety of services like data storage, data backup, paid service applications like Googleapps, and even online games like the popular World of Warcraft (WoW). Cloud services allow a user to access data any time or play games any time as long as they have an Internet connection. Since gaming platforms like WoW give the users an opportunity to create a character or an avatar and play with other online users, they are required to create a username for the Massively Multi Player games so that they need not create another avatar and retain the one they've already created.

With cloud services being favored by small companies, big players are getting into the foray to make the killing. Here are few of them: Microsoft was one of the first ones to provide the service. In fact, one of their top officials declared cloud services as the future of Microsoft. Its Azure Services is an on demand hosting service with storage and web applications included. Another major key player is the Amazon. Amazon has an advantage over other companies since they charge only per usage and not a fixed monthly subscription. The next name that would appear in this list is the software giant IBM. They merge public clouding and private clouding to provide a hybrid clouding to the entrepreneurs.

If these companies are in the foray, then Google can't be left behind. Google is much ahead of other companies in cloud servicing with PaaS. Its GoogleAppsEngine helps its subscribers in building web applications. Salesforce is another known name in the field of customer service. Its business software is known to be helpful to smalltime businesses and is quite popular. They provide cloud services with chat support and mobile support for Blackberry and iPhone. Other known names in this field include Red Hat, Dell, Cisco and HP. リコー クラウドサービス

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