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Market shares of search engine optimization are distinct dependent on the market place and also its competitiveness. In 2003, Danny Sullivan has found that Google realizes approximately 75% of all searches. In markets outdoors the U.S. share of Google is often more substantial and in 2007 Google was the dominant search engine in the globe. In 2006, Google integrated 40% of the industry in the U.S., but was around 85-90% of the shares in Germany. Although at the same time in the U.S. there had been more than a hundred firms engaged in search engine optimization, in Germany there had been only five.

In Russia the scenario is reversed. Nearby search engine Yandex controls 50% of the paid promoting of state income, although Google has less than 9% share. In China, Baidu continues to lead in market share, even though in 2007, Google also acquired the shares here.

Profitable search engine optimization for worldwide markets could need expert translation of internet pages, domain name registration of domains with substantial high quality in the target industry and the hosting, which gives a neighborhood IP address. Otherwise, the fundamental components of search engine optimization are basically the very same and independent of language.

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