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Thinking about recycling? You may have already done some research and ran across some terms that are new to you and you have a couple of questions. An effective recycling program is much more than taking your trash to a recycling center or taking it out to your curb for pickup. It involves reducing and reusing waste.

Hold on a minute you say. What does reducing mean? Most people understand recycling, saving aluminum soda cans, paper and plastic and taking them to a recycling center. Often, however, many people don't understand what it is to reduce your use, how to go about it and how it reduces your trash. This article will help answer the question.

Reduce your use should be your first step in your recycling program. Reduce, simply put is the process of reducing the amount of trash you produce by reducing your use or what you consume. Sounds rather simple and it is if you know what to do,

Before you can reduce your use, you must do a trash audit. Look at what you're throwing away daily. Keeping a daily log or journal is a great way to do this.

Look at:

How much soda do you drink? How many cans per day do you throw away? Drink bottled water?

How many pre-packaged meals a day do you eat? What type of packaging do they use?

How many napkins, paper towels, plastic forks and other utensils are you throwing away?

How many papers, magazines and other periodicals are you throwing away?

Look at other items that you're disposing of daily, weekly or even monthly. items often overlooked: kitty litter, razors, sanitary napkins, cardboard, wrapping paper, old printer paper, junk mail, lotions and soaps in containers and plastic bags brought home from shopping.

Now that you've identified what you're throwing away, you'll want to start reducing the amount of waste that you generate.

Bring your own canvas bags to the grocery store. This will cut down the amount of plastic bags you have piling up in your closets and that are either filling up landfills or killing wildlife in oceans.

Buy in bulk! Buy bigger sizes of products. Buying larger quantities means less trash over all.

Donate old items. Rather than throw that old sofa, television or computer give them away. Charities are always in need. If you can't find one then take it to a thrift store. The donation is tax-deductible.

Reuse glass and plastic containers. Containers such as glass juice jars, margarine tubs and many others can be reused to store leftovers, for lunches or even use for nuts and bolts.

If you have a garden put your into a composting bin. Your garden will love you.

These are just a few suggestions to reducing your trash. Reduce is one small part in the three R's of recycling reduce, reuse and recycle. I hope that through this article you have left with a better understanding of what recycling is and what reduce means in regards to the three R's of recycling. pc 買取 福岡

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