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Dubai is an emirate with a population which is growing at a steady but controlled rate. The population consists mainly of immigrants who have come from different parts of the globe to enjoy and relish Dubai's unique lifestyle and culture. This poses a problem for local businesses and institutions as they often have to cater to the foreign standards that are present abroad. But with influx of foreigners since the oil boom, such international standards have stuck with the emirate (along with the rest of the UAE) and changed the standard of living of Dubai itself.

New corporations and jobs automatically brought in better standards in education; but what remained behind is the bit that is often less monitored, although it forms a crucial phase. Children often end up facing problems in learning in school since their basics were never covered in the right manner. have often fallen back not because of the ones leading the pack but simply because of the ones that do not. Some nurseries operate from apartments without delivering what they are supposed to; resulting from the lack of experience; the wrong staff and many a times missing amenities. Such nurseries often fill the gaps for parents who land there because of the shortage of nurseries in Dubai. Inexperienced parents never realise that their precious children do not get the right exposure that they need to grow and harness their talents which often never surfaces because of the lack of experience on the teachers' side. Apart from the learning part, there is also the need for adequate space that gives toddlers the chance to play and frolic around.

This is why it is important to know the bad ones from the good ones as well as to choose wisely because a nursery is a really crucial phase in a child's life. It is a stage in learning that helps give a child a hint of independence and an opportunity to make new friends; all in a fun and playful manner. A nursery allows toddlers to make use of creativity, exploration and imagination to discover and develop. The Kensington Nursery in Dubai is a nursery that follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. This simple, indirect approach to learning has been put into effect at their nursery in the Dubai Silicon Oasis and the nursery at Umm Sequim helping children broaden their communication, social, cognitive and self-help skills. To know more about The Kensington Nursery, or their approach to childhood education, kindly visit them online at: 幼児教育

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