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Like a fitness professional you have the ability to apply your own knowledge and experiences in a variety of settings to help increase your revenue. One such area you are able to apply yourself is within the corporate fitness setting with worksite wellness promotion.

Businesses everywhere happen to be feeling the squeeze as health care costs possess risen in the last several years. According to an article released on CNN's Money website, "Over the past decade, the yearly cost associated with family coverage has risen 131% and the annual price for single coverage is up 120%" (web site article "Family health costs leap 5%). As a result, they are looking for ways to save money. Sometimes this involves screening out potential job applicants which are not wholesome, or finding reasons in order to fire a current employee that's unfit. An alternative method to help combat the rising healthcare costs is actually worksite wellness promotion.

In short, worksite wellness promotion is "the mixture of educational, organizational, and environmental activates as well as programs designed to motivate and support wholesome lifestyles among a corporation's employees as well as their families" (Worksite Wellness Promotion, pg. 5). How does this advantage you as a fitness expert? Well with some knowledge in worksite health promotion, you can approach local businesses to see if they'd be interested in your services.

There tend to be several steps involved in creating and implementing a health marketing program for any given company. They consist of:

  • Identification and Assessment - The initial step is to satisfy with the company to get an idea of the specific type associated with program(s) they will need (smoking cessation, diabetes training, etc) A part of this can involve talking to the workers, sending out simple wellness surveys by way of email they are able to respond to, etc. In addition you will need to evaluate the actual employees when it comes to what kinds of programs they feel works best. Would they prefer repayment assistance at a local fitness center, be motivated by finding a reward for reaching their goals, etc.

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