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This is one of these situations where you aren't sure if you should be doing something and at the end you realize that it was the best thing after all.

I met this girl at a restaurant. Blonde, young, gentle, and pretty, I immediately fell for her and asked her out. We became close and after a couple of years I considered taking a step forward. I asked her to move with me so that we'd see what life together would be like. I figured it'd help us get accustomed for married life later on. However, she turned me down and said she'd only move with me if we got married, and even so, she wanted to wait at least another year before that.

I was a bit shocked by her reply but I could do nothing about it so I agreed. After a while, I got thinking. Why did she want to live on her own when we already were considering a future together? It's not like I was asking to tie the knot and have formal obligations right away.

It was then when I started to consider that she might be seeing someone else as well. I didn't want to even think of it at first. I dismissed the idea but it slowly started to grow on me because I couldn't find any other explanation.

Then I made one of the hardest decisions in my life. A friend of mine told me that she had found that her husband had cheated on her by using mobile phone SMS spy software and she recommended it to me. I was hesitant to use it, but in the end, I decided that if my girl was not faithful, it'd be better to know about it right away.

I went to the site of the mobile phone SMS spy software and I bought it. I found it to be much cheaper than I expected, considering how important the information that it gives you is.

With the help of the mobile phone SMS spy software, I was able to see any texts that my girlfriend received. I was shocked. The mobile phone SMS spy software showed that she was seeing not only one, but three other guys.

I felt sad and betrayed, but at least I knew what I had to do. I immediately broke up with her and now I'm looking for someone else. And if you are ever in a similar situation, I strongly recommend mobile phone SMS spy software. It really helps you in the long run. Ebony Girlfriend

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