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Information Concerning Drug & Alcohol Testing

Alcohol & Drug Testing (or screening) has become considerably more widely used over the past few years. As more and more employers look into drug awareness, many now test their employees for drugs (whether legal or illegal) as a means of increasing health and safety around the company. On-site drug testing kits are widely used in hospital wards, treatment centres, prisons etc to provide prescriptions or to keep track of abstinence; in workplaces to increase health & safety, and progressively more by parents who have started using home drug screening kits on their children or family members to further discourage drug use.

Popular Forms of Drugs Test Kits include: On site Urine Drug Tests, Laboratory Drug Tests, Hair Drug Screening, Saliva Drug Testing.

On site Urine Drug Screening

The use of Drug Test Kits has become very common in numerous hospitals, drug treatment organisations, doctor's clinics and firms. Users are able to screen a urine sample for a range of drugs swiftly and precisely. Negative results can be read in as little as a minute, but positive outcomes will need slightly longer (as much as five minutes). The advantage of screening with an on-site test is the speed, however, you will need to get a positive result verified using a laboratory should you decide to take action against the donor (for example if it is going to affect their job, or their position on a rehabilitation programme).

Laboratory Drug Screening

This has the advantage that the screening and the confirmation stages of the test are carried out in the same place - therefore it is possible to receive the confirmed test result shortly after the testing result. Having said that, it's dearer and by the time the sample has been delivered and processed, it may take up to a week before getting the confirmed results.

Hair Drug Testing

The advantage of hair drugs tests is that they can identify drug abuse over a longer timescale. Hair grows at around 1 cm each month, therefore a three cm section of hair will show a three month history. This is perfect for calculating abstinence, as it is going to discover any sort of drug use during that period of time. Due to the procedures involved with screening hair, it will take more time (approximately seven - ten working days) and is also more expensive in comparison with all the other procedures.

Saliva Drug Testing

Oral fluids drugs testing is designed to be as non-intrusive and quick as it can be, which is a major aspect of its popularity. A serious drawback of this type of testing is the fact that while drug use is noticeable in urine for days and in hair for months, oral screening basically only picks up drug use within the last few couple of hours. For that reason, checking abstinence is more problematic. For example, it’s quite possible that somebody taking heroin yesterday may well test negative today when using an oral test, but positive with a urine test.

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