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Location, location, location has been used anecdotally to describe a piece of real estate for its profitability or usability.This is also a truism if you are in need of office space. The type and size of office space that you need does depend on the business activity that it will be providing at the location. If the business does a volume of activity the parking area is important to keep good neighbors. For instance, if a popular dental practice needs a new set of offices this means heavy traffic. If the practice is large enough for several dentists the parking lot needs to be wide and deep.

A well lighted parking lot helps protect every one and everybody that use it. Side street access and wide drive ways will make the dental office more accessible and provide safe entry and exit into busy main street traffic. A stand alone office space or a four unit system of like professions, a dentist and a orthodontist with a dental ceramics appliance provider is a good example of a homogeneous mix of professions.

Strip malls often have small office spaces that work for an insurance agency that has one agent and two staff members. Parking and access in front of the office, which is usually the case with strip malls allow ease of access for employees and clients alike. Many mall complexes have rear entries with a hall across the back and usually have communal rest room facilities. This means several of the offices may share a rear entry and facilities. Very often privacy is an important issue to employees and clients. Any time a rental office is being evaluated and walk in traffic is the largest part of your business a private set of facilities will be more advantageous to be a good office space neighbor.

Some developers have planned ground level complexes that are arranged with an adequate restroom situation, by using a large well lit lobby and well designed seating system and the restrooms are at a central location close to the main entrance. This design uses the central mezzanine area, often landscaped and illuminated with sky lights to provide a good measure of relaxation that customers do observe and appreciate.

Rented office space is the primary way small businesses do business. It may be best to buy or build your office space after you have made a success of your particular endeavor. If you have done a good job of growing your business, building an office complex with several additional rental office spaces is a good way to pay for the whole project. Being a good land lord, will help keep qualified tenants. If you are headed in the direction of providing rental office space, use the experience you learned getting where you are to your advantage. Use everything that worked and avoid those that did not or were problematic. Renting office space is the best way to start a new business idea and the safest way to grow it without going overboard. 新宿区 オフィス

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