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For example:
For example:
* [Http://sites.google.com/site/urivia/Home/indice Bullying] Bullying Working on a group of high school students.
* [Http://sites.google.com/site/urivia/Home/indice Bullying] Bullying Working on a group of high school students. [http://www.autoinsurancequoteseasy.com/ <span style="color:black;font-weight:normal; text-decoration:none!important; background:none!important; text-decoration:none;">cheap auto insurance quotes</span>]
Work on a subject === ===
Work on a subject === ===

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The conceptual map that follows shows a typology of different types of educational wikis as the role of priority, and wikis that we can find that at times, serve several functions simultaneously.

Wikis = educational = Are wikis whose function is not teaching, at least not directly, not their primary mission outdoor fountains is that students can learn from them, but that support for other related activities with teaching. So we have several subtypes that may be extended depending on the features they want .

Provide resources == == other teachers

These wikis act as a repository of pos software </ span> all kinds of resources and are not made by the teachers who will use it, like books by specialists or staff dedicated to this task . It would be the closest equivalent to the textbook on paper. They can find activities for students for class notes, videos, links, exercises, etc. Ie they are'wikisupport' where teachers and students can go to find class materials.

Examples of this type of wikis:

Posting == General == schools Some centers use wikis as traditional web pages, providing them through general information about activities and events related thereto. The possibility of release by any person makes it much easier to use such as web portal wikis. Are the wiki. center

Examples include:

  • [Http://www.omerique.net/twiki/bin/view/CEIPsanjose CEIP San José Artesano]. Puerto Serrano (Cádiz).
  • [Wiki http://iessitges.wikispaces.com/ IES Joan Ramon Benaprès]

Posting == Departments == Pedagogical Wikis are ideal for departments to create their own digital materials among the members that compose them. In theseDepartment wikis can put the programs of the courses, materials used for classes, meeting dates, etc.. Any information that may be useful for departments can be included in the wikis like Link Building.



The wikis are eduwikis whose primary function is related directly to teaching, both for those who make and those who use them.

== Wikis as a learning platform == center For its ability to generate collaborative content, reorganizing as it grows or have multiple language versions of a page, a Wiki is an ideal tool to be used as an educational platform for a school, especially if, as in the case allows TikiWiki strict control to users, groups and pages.

For example:

Wikis to generate classroom work

Wikis are ideal places for students to present their worklow, whether a particular level (each student makes his own work) as if in a group (each group of students doing work). In the first case the facility custom shot glasses would take advantage of edition for use in submitting a job. The second would build further capacity to work jointly by several students. This type of wiki are'wikiclassroom. "

These wikis are likely to present a more attractive because they allow the student to express their work in ways different from traditional ones. The classroom wiki can contain not only text but also video presentations, podcast, etc.

In turn, the classroom wikis can serve several purposes [1]

Work === === activity Short activities, short-lived, for the development of a particular activity, not very long lasting and Career Change Resume . A wiki can contain only the work of all students and each of them does not need much more than a page (though not necessarily so.) Are'wikiactivity. "

Some examples are:

  • [Http://cv4t3-2.wikispaces.com/ Internet and Web 2.0] Work performed by students of 4 º ESO Colegio Amor de Dios de Barcelona, where each student made by a chapter on a topic.
  • [Http://wikiazimut.wikispaces.com/TRABAJOS+DEL+ALUMNADO Wikiazimut]. Work performed by pupils of 1 to 2 º ESO's High School [IES http://www.iesalhamilla.es/ Alhamilla] Biology and Geology.
  • [Http://antologiapoetica.wetpaint.com/ Collection of poems] and Web 2.0 Design. Wiki created in Wetpaint in order to learn, but also to present two projects: Literary Roads Congress Young Readers Generation 27.

Working on a large topic

There are jobs that are of a monograph for content and length. Networking can take a whole quarter or longer and could justify the use of a wiki for each of these jobs consist of many pages (though not necessary). Are'wikicase. "

For example:

  • [Http://sites.google.com/site/urivia/Home/indice Bullying] Bullying Working on a group of high school students. cheap auto insurance quotes

Work on a subject === === As above, are wikis that are made long-term and used to work a subject for the entire duration of the course. Can be edited by teachers and students simultaneously. Are'wikiof the subject. "

Some examples are:

  • [Http://cursotic2.wikispaces.com/ Course on web 2.0]
  • [Http://wikifachdidaktikws07.pbworks.com/ Using wikis in the classroom for teachers of E / LE]. Victoria Angeles Castrillejo.

Wikis to show student academic information

The work that the student is doing throughout its stage as a student can go to collect on a wiki to act as a . php portfolio, Get Website Traffic. Are the'wikipersonal portfolio. "

  • [Http://bbamusic.wikispaces.com/Student+Portfolio Burr and Burton]. Portfolios of students at the Music Academy Burr & Burton.
  • [E-Portfolio Project http://pickeringportfolio.wetpaint.com/] Portfolio created by Joe Pickering student passing through the Center for Arts & Technology Pickering Campus.

Wikis for teachers to provide resources

These wikis are made by individual teachers to use in their classrooms. Are adapted directly to the kind of teaching they do and thought for their own students. Thus, although in principle may seem like wikis support, the difference is obvious. The former are similar to textbooks and the latter to the notes that the teacher has to give their classes. These wikis contain information that teachers need for their classes, in the form of text, images, videos, activities, etc. Are the'wikicontent. "

Some examples:

  • [Http://edumates.wikispaces.com EDUMATES]. Wiki math resources created by teachers Secondary school.
  • [Http://wikitecno.wikispaces.com/ WikiTecno]. Place created by Wikispaces in which members of the Working Group Technology CEP de Jerez share their teaching experience and available to anyone who wants to use it.
  • [Http://redul.wikispaces.com/ Redul. Free Educational Resources]. Wiki created by [Jorge Gozalo http://jorgegozalo.blogspot.com/] and Pedro Colmenero resources of Geography, History and Art History Secondary school. [Http://centros4.pntic.mec.es/ies.santa.eulalia/ IES Santa Eulalia de Mérida]. [IES http://iestierrablanca.juntaextremadura.net/ Tierney of La Zarza]

== Wikis == for multidisciplinary work Many wikis are sometimes used outside the context of a subject and used as a means for expressing activities involving several disciplines or specialties. Be the case for wikis that are used as school magazine written by students, descriptions of trips that have taken place with school, work collaboration between different centers, etc. Are the'wikimultidisciplinary. "

  • [Http://billeteidayvuelta.wikispaces.com/ A roundtrip ticket]. Treasure Hunt by Ana Basterra in Wikispaces which addresses the issue of migration between Spain and America over the centuries. Planned for students in 3 º ESO-1 in high school. They work skills: Information processing and digital, social and civic, linguistic communication, math, learning to learn and personal autonomy and initiative.
  • [Http://cplgsfuentes.com/wiki/index.php?title=Portada FUENTESNET]. School magazine [Luis García Sáinz CEIP http://cpgsfuen.educa.aragon.es/] Fuentes del Ebro in Zaragoza.

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