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Generally, what we understand when we first hear about viagra ciales is the fact that this is the first true competitor of Viagra as it fights against erectile disfunction as well as the first mentioned. Viagra appeared in 1998 and registered a high success generally for the fact that it was the first product of this kind. Nowadays a new successful product was attributed to ICOS corporation which is to shatter the unbelievable success of Viagra. The series isn't ending here, anyway,as another one called Levitra is expected to appear.

First of all, there should be mentioned that the sell market of Cialis has reached an enormous level which teen porn is bound to put aside the success registered by Viagra in the late 90's. What is important is the fact that from around thirty million people suffering from erectile disfunction in the USA and another estimated number of one hundred and seventy five million abroad who are having this disfunction and using these products, only a little part are using Viagra. Viagra has reached this year a total profit of $1,5bn, while the account of money used for these drugs(such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis) raises up to $6.

Similar to the case of viagra, Cialis should be understood as a general performance provider, to just a regular treatment for the ailment. Anyone of us should know that there is a specific process of these medication which makes them be so successful, while constantly improving our lives: they work by blocking an enzyme named phosphodiesterase (which happens to relax some of our muscles), this way allowing a certain growth of the blood flow in your penis.

Another advantage gained by viagra cialis over Viagra is the fact that it is available(by prescription only) in countries like the United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Australia and it is ought to be approved in USA too.

Moreover, a common argument brought in favor of Cialis is the fact that it has more rapid effects than Viagra; The starting process can be reached at approximately sixteen minutes after taking the pill, while the entire process can lead up to twenty four hours or more. In contrast to that, by taking Viagra one may feel the effects after one hour and have them for four hours upmost.

Like Viagra, an estimated number of eighty percent of the people who have tried Cialis have had the opportunity and chance in the mean time to have an erection as well as sexual acts but in comparison with Viagra, the effects and potential of the user lasted for more than thirty six hours after taking the pill;in this period of time the effects were almost constant. A possible explanation for this is the fact that Cialis persists longer in the body than Viagra does. The period of time for blood levels to fall fifty percent for Viagra records four hours, while Cialis makes it up to seventeen hours. This can signify that a twenty five percent of the original doze of Cialis is still in the body at that time.

To conclude, it may be said that Cialis has finally shattered the' unbreakable' myth of Viagra by adding more tough points to the well-known advantages of Viagra. Logically, it is of a higher quality technique than Viagra this being the reason for the extreme surpassing. Let's hope things will not remain this way and will improve more and more up to perfection porn site

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