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Social Bookmark - Social bookmarking is the practice of posting links to articles and webpages to various "link aggregator" or social bookmark sites, including Digg, Stumbleupon and so on. Bookmarking sites rise and fall in popularity rapidly, but they generally have several common features:

1. Users can submit links which other users can browse, providing a sensible way to expose your content.

2. Links go into large pages of lists, that are normally very easy to navigate, and are generally usually divided up in to a "main page" of the best links for the day, and various sub-sections which help you to definitely get exposure in additional relevant circles.

3. Links can usually be "voted on" to determine which links have more airtime on the front page of various sections. The more votes your links get, the harder traffic they get.

4. Some sites, like Digg, attach a weighting to certain actions and users, so an individual who submits popular links will have a vote that carries more weight.

5. Most social bookmark creating site users are fairly jaded with regards to the internet, and will ignore things that aren't interesting, funny, or very entertaining. This is not a place for your boring press releases.

6. Most bookmarking sites usually have some kind of "social" element in their mind, allowing users to generate profiles, have a friends set of other users, etc., with the hope of getting users to share content between themselves.

Social Bookmark - Those are the basics, so let's have a look at how best to approach social bookmark creating. I'm going to use Reddit and Digg as my main examples, but bear in mind that Reddit itself needs a great deal of familiarity with its culture prior to being able to submit links that anybody even clicks.

Choose your niche

Submitting a write-up on growing bonsai trees to the front page of Reddit won't get you anywhere - you'll get 30 visitors maybe, none who will buy your products. But submitting it to /r/bonsai, though it only has around 1,100 readers, will likely garner you more attention from interested people.

Ironically, submitting to /r/trees could have much less of an effect, because /r/trees is focused on marijuana culture. The lesson here's: know your subreddits.

Write a catchy title, and use a picture

Standard newspaper/advert headline formats fail to work too well on the web, because everyone has become resistant to them. Instead you need to think of a clever title that interests people enough for more information about what you're writing, or at best promise pictures of cats.

Most bookmarking sites include a thumbnail from the page you're linking to, a treadmill you provide. Take the trouble to do this - it generates greater click throughs.

Keep at it, making your links simple to share

Social Bookmark - Social bookmarking is all about persistence, so if nobody clicks your first link, make another article, make a more clever title and check out again. Put a social bookmarking widget on your blog or website, and encourage people to share your articles. If you've submitted them already, and they have accounts, it only takes an additional to click an "upvote" or "like" button.

If nothing else, having links to all or any of your articles on half dozen social bookmarking sites is great for SEO.

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