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Using VoIP on your smartphone is one of the benefits to be gained by adopting the new mobile phone technology. The VoIP industry has been showing good performance over the years. This is not surprising, since in 2006 cell phone revenue totaled around $516 million, while this is estimated to have increased to over $33 billion in 2011.

There are many reasons for this amazing increase in popularity and growth of VoIP. One is that using the internet to make a telephone call is not only very convenient, but also very cost effective. VoIP (voice-over internet protocol) telephony is an ideal communications medium for mobile phone devices.

Benefits of Using VoIP on Your Smartphone

Not only do you save a great deal in terms of your telecommunication costs, and but also benefit from the convenience of the portability of cell phones. You can use VoIP on your smartphone just the same as you can on your regular cellular or landline telephone service. Not only can VoIP to VoIP be free of charge with the right provider, but you also benefit from reduced costs to regular landlines using your VoIP service.

In order to use VoIP on your cell phone you need a Smartphone device that is compatible with VoIP apps. You must also locate the leading VoIP service providers in your geographical area. In order to make best use of this type of communications system, you should contact one of the VoIP providers that can offer a high-quality service. Most offer call plans and packages with multiple options and features.

Check the VoIP Packages Available

Many service providers offer subscription packages on monthly or annual contracts, and you can also get excellent pay-as-you-go deals. Once you find a suitable service you should first request the mobile app providing that particular service. For example, if you want to use VoIP on your smartphone you will first subscribe to a VoIP package and then grab their mobile app for your smart device. Installing the app is the final step.

To get the best deal available, make sure that you compare the packages as well as the value-added features offered by each VoIP service provider. You will normally be offered caller ID, call blocking, call forwarding, number portability and many other features.

VoIP will be the most attractive option available to you if you are in a business or profession that requires you to make frequent calls. The same is true if you have global contacts, and have the need to make international calls on a regular basis.

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