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When the 1st iPhone was launched previous June 29, 2007, the entire world acquired witnessed a transformation in how you can use a mobile phone. It introduced the capacitive touchscreen over a mobile phone alongside a great design and primarily loads of applications. It was a computer and also a source of entertainment. The first ever iPhone was able to sell 6. 1 million units throughout five quarters. Now, Apple is now set to push out a the iPhone 5 this year. But even before this release of its latest version, the Apple rumor mill is actually grinding its gears on reports in regards to the iPhone 6. As of the instant, tech blogs are just speculating on what it looks and the particular iPhone 6 release date. The iPhone 6 relieve still under wraps or even if this is made, but the rumors are nevertheless coming. The rumored iPhone 6 release date remains speculation but many are receiving anxious on the exact date from the iPhone 6 release. The iPhone 5 is to be released but lots of people are now lighting up the fire about the particular iPhone 6. A few the blogs say that the iPhone 6 will become released in March 2012 even though some estimate that it will likely be launched in June 2012. Whatever the date is going to be, plenty of fan boys will likely be marking their 2012 calendars with a big red X. While some rumors revolve around the iPhone 6 release night out, some are reporting on the the hardware will end up being. Some reported that it's going to have doubled the memory capacity on the latest version and possibly from new phones at the time of right now. They say that memory space will upped to 128 gigabytes which is more than any new phone with the expansions slot can get. It will also get an overhaul inside looks department because rumors say that it will have a curvy look. The iPhone 6 will even sport an 8 megapixel camera and that is standard on high end phones right now but what sets it apart though would be the rumored projector. If this projector will likely be in this new cellular phone, it will definitely make headline just as before. Rumors also claim the phone will now be constructed for a passing fancy piece of metal just like its computer counterpart, the MacBook. The iPhone 5 continues to be yet to be released though the internet is now being flooded with plenty of rumors of the i phone 6 and these rumors will grow like wildflower before the actual phone will always be launched. The iPhone 6 may very well be far from its rumored release date but many is going to be waiting with eager hands to buy one, most especially if all these rumors are true.

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