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In an effort to better equip art students with the skills needed for the creative industries, a Philadelphian college – Moore College of Art & Design – have teamed up with Apple so that that everyone will now be given their own iPad 2. This initiative will affect all students enrolling in fall 2012 on a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) course, with the tablet being pre-equipped with a number of applications for use in their art and design classes.

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‘The iPad 2 will be a pivotal learning tool in the new Foundation curriculum where the integration of digital media and tools will be taught and used in tandem with traditional drawing and design media’, the college explained. While Moore’s President Happy Craven Fernandez added that ‘We are proud to be the first art and design college to partner with Apple to provide iPad devices to all new BFA students’: ‘This is an exciting opportunity to increase interactivity within the classroom and Moore community.’

And so, what with Apple’s recent updates to iTunes U and iBooks 2, it looks as if we are likely to see much more Apple technology being utilized in schools and colleges. And this would not be such a bizarre course for the innovative software company, with the late great Steve Jobs publically announcing his mission to ‘revolutionize education’

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