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So you have in mind purchasing a papegaai? Parrots will make great pets, but they're not suited to everyone, so you will need to think very carefully before reaching for your wallet at the pet store. Parrots are among the most difficult (and at the same time rewarding) pet birds you can own, so you should make sure you know exactly what you're letting yourself in for before you decide to bring a parrot into your house.

Why are parrots such difficult birds to own? There are numerous reasons, but we can list a number of the most critical below.

papegaaienare often large birds, meaning they want a lot of liveable space to lead happy and healthy lives. You will certainly need a large and potentially expensive cage for your new parrot, but even if you buy the biggest cage available, your bird still will not be able to spend all his time behind bars. He'll need to be allowed out of his cage for play and exercise for at least a couple of hours each day, so you'll need to invest in a free-standing perch or, better still, a particularly designed 'play gym' with a selection of perches, swings, and toys to keep him entertained. You'll also need to papegaai kopenthe room he'll be living in, making sure no electrical cables are left lying about to be chewed on.

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