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Multiple Intelligence Assessment Emotional Intelligence is in everyone’s lives, but only some of us know or practise it often. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to manage your emotions positively and productively. In doing this no emotion would hold you back from attaining or achieving any objective or ambition you have in your life.

So why are individuals unaware of Emotional Intelligence in their life?

Effectively, a lot of it, especially in males is society’s perception of emotions. “Large boys do not cry” or “Suck it in”. All by way of a males life especially at a young age we are taught to push emotions down and struggle by means of, “Man up” so to speak. Well in reality, the opposite is happening. All the suppressed emotions collect and create a larger blockage in life.

Suppressing emotion can lead to illness, tension, unhappiness and even death in some cases.

What is happening is, rather of feeling and expressing an Multiple Intelligence Assessment emotion as it happens for example, a fear of some thing by not letting yourself express the fear, you collect much more and a lot more of it and end up with a bigger problem.

In other words, the fear gets worse.

This is a rapid downward spiral, due to the fact if we live a fear based life we are not precisely setting our self up for good results and happiness. So negative only leads to a lot more negative.

What Emotional Intelligence provides you is the capacity to identify, let go of and be free of these negative emotions quick and efficiently. It is a tool box full of tools to erase anything and every little thing you want but not only that, it delivers methods to setting up the way of life and reality you would like. Specially via topics like Aim Setting and Time Management. Being able to set objectives, and let go of all emotions and feelings around your aim leads to you getting your objective.

Once again, with Time Management you are able to prioritise Multiple Intelligence Assessment and set out a program that gets the priorities accomplished in your day/ week/ month effortlessly and also gives you adequate free time to invest with your partner and family, or enjoying the hobbies you like.

All that stops us from getting what we want to have are the emotions and beliefs we hold onto surrounding that topic. Emotional Intelligence provides you the strategies to getting totally free of all of these to live a life of ease, peace and happiness.

It is not rocket science it is quite simple in truth.

Will you give it a go?

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