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The diagnosis of tuberculosis in the Sanatorium Hospital will now be carried out in two hours against the ten or twelve days previously, with the fitting in of new last generation machine that will help detect the disease at an early stage, announced today, here, the clinical director, Joao Chimwana.

According to the official, who spoke to the press at the time of delivery by AJAPRZ, of a donation to that hospital, the machine is called "BACTEC" an instrument of microbiology in which he considers as a "great value" for the institution.

He said that apart from helping to detect the diagnosis of tuberculosis, the device will also determine cases of multi-drug resistance in a range of two hours, taking into account that diagnosis is made currently at least ten days.

This device can also determine the resistance that a microbe can be a particular type of drug to a patient. The hospital has two technicians with know-how of this machine and they are tasked with training other technicians for the proper handling.

The device will already begin to work in the coming days. It will help facilitate not only the patients but also the hospital medical staff, as soon as one starts the treatment. The machine is an acquisition of the Central Government.


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