Title: Self control based on the HACCP for Catering
Description: Using a virtual stage, which shows the real action of a catering business, the student will have to take decisions about teach of the related sub-processes (provisioning, good manipulation practice, cleaning and disinfecting, transversal - maintenance, water and pest control and traceability.-) and analyse the results.
Keywords: Prerequisites/good manipulation practice/danger factor/ cleaning and disinfecting/food safety/food hygiene
Discipline: Food safety
Topic/s: Self control based on the HACCP for catering

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Food safety cannot be guaranteed with the traditional approach based on the withdrawal of unsafe or potentially harmful food. It is necessary to control the food chain to make sure the process is safe from the farm or the sea following all the stages until being served.

This global approach towards food safety involves every single stage that takes part of the food production, marketing, distribution and service. They all share responsibility for the safety of the product. The different authorities should join in that responsibility.

Good manipulation practice are those that will assure the food safety. They must be applied from the reception of the raw material, during the whole process and until it reaches the consumer.

The tool to use to keep the food in optimum conditions is the self-control based on the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. This system tells us to analyse every stage (reception, storage, production...). What risks might appear in the relation with the food and how they can be avoided. All actions must be registered and documented.

Before the HACCP, it would be advisable that the company agrees to a series of conditions and practice in relation to hygiene, called prerequisites that avoid the introduction of hazardous agents, the microbes to spread or the accumulation of waste or other agents on the food.

The prerequisites include four stages: Provisioning, Good manipulation practice, Cleaning and Disinfecting, and Transversal.

When you access the simulator, these prerequisites will be explained: what they are, how they affect your everyday working activities and which documentation is required for each of them.

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